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    • Sep 27, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    American Home Shield a TOTAL SCAM

    Stay away from American Home Shield (AHS 1 800-776-4663).

    I had my entire house insured with SEARS (excellent company) for the past 3 years, well, about 2 months ago I got an e-mail from AHS giving me an offer of $100 off if I join them...BIG MISTAKE!

    All these insurance companies after you join them always make you wait 30 days before the insurance starts...so I waited 30 days with AHS and then they charged my credit card on August 30th, 2019.

    Let me also mention that I have the worry-free plan from PSE&G.

    On September 14th, 2019 I noticed water underneath my water heater so I called PSE&G first. They determined that my water heater needed to be replaced. Soon after, I called AHS and placed the claim (I had to wait until Monday the 16th because they don’t work on weekends).

    I got a call from PHD Mechanical INC Monday morning and I was told that they will be at my house later during the day.

    The technician came (I was at work) and then left after about 20 minutes...

    I called PHD Mechanical to find out what was going to be done, but they told me that I had to call AHS, so I call AHS and they told me that I have to wait for the technician’s report (all this was at about 1 pm)...

    At about 4:30 pm I called PHD Mechanical again, they told me that the technician had already given his report to AHS, so, I called AHS...they told me that I had to call PHD Mechanical. At this point, I was getting very upset! So I demanded the person from AHS to tell me what was happening and I had no reason to call PHD Mechanical because my payments are done directly to AHS and not any other company.

    Let me also mention that my credit card had also been charged $106 as part of my deductible...per claim.

    Well, the guy from AHS told me that I had to pay for the repair because the part that I needed was not covered by their warranty (I needed a PRESSURE REGULATOR), so I said "I pay your company to have insurance." The guy from AHS told me that it would cost me $385 to get my water heater fixed and that I needed to contact PHD Mechanical (so $385 + $106 = $491 so far, a brand new unit at home depot is about $500).

    I demanded to speak with his manager, and mysteriously (!) I got disconnected.

    The next morning I get a call from PHD Mechanical telling me that my estimate was ready and that it would cost me $2,500 to replace the unit. I said, "WHAT!"

    Before I was ready to say something else, the lady from PHD Mechanical also said "oh, and AHS DENIED your claim."

    At this point I was FURIOUS! So I said to the lady from PHD Mechanical that AHS had told me that all I needed was the PRESSURE REGULATOR. The lady from PHD Mechanical then told me that it was not true.

    I then called AHS and they told me that they were not going to replace it because it was a pre-existing condition and that the water under the water heater had rust. I said to the lady "I don’t know exactly what do you mean by preexisting because I just noticed the leak for the first time last Saturday." If it was leaking before I never saw it, also even if it was a preexisting problem, #1 I would have not waited 2 months to put the claim and risking my basement from getting flooded, and #2, this is the purpose of having the insurance if something happens. And as far as the water looking brownish because of the rust (I said to the lady)...REALLY! That is what happens when water is in contact with metal...for years.

    The lady from AHS all had to say and keep repeating was that it was a preexisting condition and that they will not pay or replace it.

    Again...stay AWAY from AMERICAN HOME SHIELD (1 800-776-4663).

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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