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    • Sep 30, 2019
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    As a multimillion-dollar company, sometimes you need to take the loss for your customers.

    I am a business owner and a college student. I have never used Phil before but my doctor prescribed me two medications to get from here. One of the medications was not covered under my insurance, so it was sent back to my doctor to be dealt with and I was prescribed a new medication.

    However, I was also prescribed a medication that was not covered under my insurance and it was not sent back to the doctor to be looked at and prescribed something else in replace. Then, I received a text saying it was not covered and went ahead and fill out the order form to be sent the medication, since it looked to me like there was no other option.

    The next day I had received a confirmation of my order of a total of $551.00! I called for it to be sent back, but they said it was too late and that they had already shipped it but would give me a call back in regards of what steps to take.

    I never received a phone call, and received the prescription a few days later. Then I called the company and spoke to many individuals who said they could not take the prescription back due to laws in place (they cannot receive medication that has already been processed out of the lab), even if it has not been opened. As a multimillion-dollar company this law is in place for making money and business purposes only. They should have issued a refund and let me send back the unopened medication and then have thrown it away and not sent out to other customers.

    This should have been a company loss of $500 (probably only $50 to make), not a customer loss due to laws and regulations which are not explained well at all. I will not be doing business here anymore, will tell my doctor about this experience, and would NOT recommend this place. All they want to do is make money and have sales even if at the end of the day the customer is not happy, they can blame it on the law.

    I will be working towards a full refund, and informing other business who do business with Phil to stop and not use this service. Terrible experience.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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