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    • Sep 30, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    This company is a fraud

    This company is nothing but FRAUD! I had my AC repaired on 9/20/19 which cost me over $800.00 to repair (which took 2 weeks to get them to come out because they were waiting for a part from AHS), and after all that it was still was not working. I called on 9/20/19 to AHS because the service tech said my Evaporator Coil needed to be repaired. The AHS lady I spoke to with the service tech said it was covered and he could repair it and did not need to change the original invoice. He needed to come back to repair as it was late. I got a call from his office stating when they called AHS they said it wasn't covered. So I called again and the person stated it wasn't covered. So on 9/21/19, I had to pay $550.00 for this repair. I had time on Sunday, 9/22/19, to review my contract and in both the heating and AC section is states the Evaporator Coil is covered.

    COVERED: Ducted electric wall air conditioning systems – Water evaporative cooler systems – Costs related to freon recapture – Ducted electric central air conditioning systems including: condenser; metering devices (i.e. thermal expansion valves); furnace transition; evaporator coils and drain lines; air handling unit; air handling transition; secondary drain pan and lines; and refrigerant lines are covered.

    So I called on 9/22/19 to AHS and spoke to a guy who agreed with me that it was covered and was going to talk to his supervisor and I would get a call on Monday 9/23/19. Of course, that never happened. I called today (Tuesday, 9/24/19) and was told it does say it is covered but not for any cleaning under section H.


    7. AHS is not responsible or liable for repair of conditions or replacement caused by chemical or sedimentary build up, misuse or abuse, failure to clean or maintain, missing parts, structural changes, fire, freezing, electrical failure or surge, water damage, lightning, mud, earthquake, soil movement, storms, accidents, pet damage, pest damage, acts of God, or failure due to excessive or inadequate water pressure.

    I cannot clean this area, only a hired AC tech could. The tech cleaned and repaired this part.

    These contracts are misleading to the consumer and I plan on filing a consumer complaint against AHS.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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