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    • Oct 3, 2019
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    American Home Shield

    Chinks in the shield and the armor - the devolution of customer service skill.

    What do you call a chaotic, unprofessional disorganization with no customer service abilities of any kind and a poor track record when it comes to providing properly vetted, skilled or simply adequate service professionals? I know them as American Home Shield (AHS). Why do I say this about AHS? My opinion of them has changed drastically over time.

    When I first entered into contract with AHS, they were relatively good, providing a stream of quality field workers to address a variety of household issues. However, slowly over time, I not only noticed a drop in the quality of these field agents and their respective companies but also a decline in customer service dexterity and outreach from AHS as well. I have a growing list of companies that I informed AHS not to send to my home again due to shoddy work, unreliability or just sheer incompetence on their part. It's to the point now where I am wondering if AHS vets these companies at all. Due to my experiences, I am of the opinion that they don't really check. I mean, can anyone with a truck and a toolbox be a service provider for AHS, I wonder. When AHS chooses to use subcontractors of this type, that's what they are exposing you to.

    My latest case involves my intermittent refrigerator leak which occurred at unpredictable times over an indeterminate number of days. To reduce the amount of evidentiary wood damage from the leaks, I shut off the water. American Home Shield selected Amtec to handle the evaluation and repair. I explained all of this to the field technician during the visit. The tech replied, "I’m just going to replace everything in the ice-maker." I asked, wouldn’t a better approach be to find the cause of the leak? He said, "rather than trying to find out what was wrong, it’s easier to replace everything." I then asked, what happens if it starts leaking again? He assured me that it wouldn’t. Well, a few days later, the refrigerator began leaking and actually damaged my wooden kitchen floor. When I called AHS, the representative informed me that Amtec was going to send a "senior technician who would assess the damage" and respond appropriately. That was the spin, crafted and designed to get me off the phone. The reality was that this so-called "senior tech" turned out to be the same guy who missed the cause of the leak roughly 10 days ago during his first visit. He almost missed it again this time too because he spent about 6 minutes trying to convince me that the fridge was not leaking. Of course, evidence of a leak was on the flooring all around the refrigerator. The tech was about to leave as I was further explaining things to him but then decided to check again finally locating the problem. Of course, it was the refrigerator, duh. When I began discussing the floor damage, with this tech, he stated, and these are his own words, "I don't know anything about that, or being a senior technician, I just fix things."

    Over the last couple years, I can't tell you the number of times I have substandard, penny-ante operators stop by here to fix something only to leave me disappointed by some aspect of their visit ranging from an incomplete or botched job to charging a fee when none was warranted. As this relates to or reflects on AHS, I have noticed that even the simple act of trying to reach them by phone can be an exercise in futility. The phone just rings and rings. One time, I had to go online to request that service visit.

    All I can say is that if you are considering AHS, I'd strongly advise against it. In this competitive economy, there are more than a few alternatives. With a little bit of research and due diligence, I am sure you can do better than AHS. If you don't you run the risk of being exposed to some substandard subcontractor with the potential to make your situation a whole lot worse than it was before their visit. Take it from someone whose been there. My advice for everyone is to go online, do your research, and take the reviews of such referring organizations into account before signing up and subsequently allowing them to send some substandard subcontractor into your home who may make matters worse. Enough is enough. My contract comes due in February, at which time I will suspend all business dealing with this company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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