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    • Oct 5, 2019
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    Chime Banking


    Overall Experience:

    Chime stole money from me! I opened an account 4/2019, used my debit card maybe 2-3 times in May/June and was basically using this as a savings/Xmas fund. I logged in only using the app and facial recognition on my phone. I originally opened the account using my web browser, but that was the only time. I logged in on 9/12 through the app using facial recognition and set up a $50 transfer (which would have taken 7 business days) from another bank to Chime, and there was $202.23 in the account. I had planned to use about $200 of that on the 16th, so just after midnight on the 16th, I logged in and there was only $2.23 (and 52 cents in the savings account)! There was a "pay friend transfer" that I did not recognize to a name that I’ve never heard of ("for drinks") without my knowledge nor consent, nor would I have authorized anything like this - they said it was another Chime member, but I don’t know a single person who has a Chime account, and $200 "for drinks."

    So I followed their instructions, logged in through the web browser, unlinked the account from my other bank, changed my password, turned off my debit card and initiated a dispute. I contacted my other bank and stopped all transfers to Chime. My other bank told me it could take 2-3 business days. I deliberately left my account at the other bank with a very low balance in case the stop payment didn’t go through in time, so that no additional funds could go to Chime. I filled out the paperwork and sent it all back immediately and filed a police report. I sent Chime any and all info they asked for and in a very timely manner - only to be told that the provisional credit wouldn’t be issued for 10 business days. Even though I’d put a stop payment on all activity from my other bank to Chime, Chime did still attempt to transfer the money but was unsuccessful because I deliberately made sure there were no funds available and my other bank refunded the NSF fee. Chime reps wouldn’t tell me any information on the fraudulent transfer, only a name I’ve never heard of - if my account was hacked, it would have had to be on a web browser, so there would be an IP address or other info on the transaction...but Chime reps are refusing to give me any information, refusing to issue the credit back to my account and are even refusing to cooperate with law enforcement! Reps lied to me, refused to tell me who their bosses and/or supervisors were.

    I transferred the 52 cents from the savings to the spending account, in hopes of being able to withdraw $200 as soon as possible and that the $2.77 would cover an ATM fee, I sent many, many messages through the chat feature on their app and after waiting more than 10 days I called this morning, 9/30, and escalated the call to someone who said they were the only manager in the building and he refused to tell me the name of his boss and wouldn’t give me a way to contact them, but he did assure me the provisional credit would be issued before midnight tonight (9/30)...he just kept refusing to tell me anything else.

    After hanging up with him, I called back and got a different rep who refused to even let me talk to a supervisor, but he too, assured me that the money would be back in my account "anytime during the day" today (9/30) - but they couldn’t transfer funds to my account or issue any credit, and there is no way for them to contact the dispute investigations department but he kept assuring me the money would be back in my account today but couldn’t tell me a time, just sometime before midnight. I kept checking throughout the day and heard nothing all day, no money back in my account and no messages. Then about 5:00 pm, I suddenly couldn’t log in to get any information, my facial recognition wasn’t working on the app and when I called the phone number I got a message that my account was closed! It wasn’t until about 30 minutes later that I got an email from Chime stating "Based on our investigation, we have concluded no error occurred. Therefore, no funds will be credited to your account and this claim is considered closed."

    Roughly 5 minutes later I got another email from Chime saying my account was closed! I tried to call but their phone bot wouldn’t let me past a message saying my account was closed! Chime is refusing, still, to provide me any of the information from their alleged investigation and still refusing to cooperate with law enforcement...not to mention, I can’t get back into the account and to remove MY personal information. I am unable to log into my now former account to get my account number or routing number. AVOID CHIME!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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