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    • Oct 19, 2019
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    PayPal Money Pools

    Problematic and unaccountable

    I started this money pool as a safe way for people to donate towards my service dog MRI Scan and £2,600.

    I initiated the fundraiser via Facebook but was contacted by donators to ask if there were a "safer option", upon which I invited them to pay via my PayPal account (people trust PayPal more than Facebook), and also via my bank directly.

    Both of these were utilized.

    However, as I had problems with Facebook, I closed that fundraiser down and instead - created a money pool via PayPal thinking it would be more trustworthy and simple.

    I could not have been more wrong.

    Despite hitting the target via Facebook, my own bank account and via PayPal collectively - and so closing the PayPal pool down - they have not released any money from the pool to me as yet.

    Instead, I got elusive call center agents, passed around the call center - on hold for 40 minutes, disconnected - not just once or twice but repeatedly - and told, "we can't see the money in your account", "we can't see the pool details at this end". And, since PayPal closed the pool, within minutes of them doing that without my "informed consent", I also - as the account holder - cannot see the money pool anymore - it entirely vanished from my PayPal screen. I'm told now, that NO ONE CAN SEE IT. It's as if it never existed - and has vanished with £410 of donators' money.

    I then fought for answers every day - on hold - passed around - stressed - frustrated for many days - to be finally told - we will raise a "ticket ID" and send this into the "back office" to have it looked into - that was on the 12th of October.

    On the 14th I had no updates and it turns out - the ticket ID had NOT BEEN RAISED. The agent then stated she would "prioritize this ticket ID".

    It's not the 18th of November and in today's call I am told this money will not be released in time for Rea's (my service dogs) MRI scan to go ahead, as there is an "investigation" that is ongoing.

    I have had to cancel Rea's scan, despite suspected brain tumor, as the neurosurgeon to do the scan refuses to go ahead until I have the full funds.

    This means that if it is a tumor, it is growing every day in Rea's head and we may lose her.

    After everyone's kind and heartfelt contributions, I can't go ahead because PayPal won't release the money they gave in good faith and humility - and they refuse to tell me why there is an investigation.

    To make matters worse - those donators that paid directly into my own PayPal account via entering my email address when asked for recipient details - I have tried to withdraw this money into my account to offer this as a deposit for Rea's scan - and the withdrawal was declined as "on hold" with no explanation as to why my OWN PRIVATE MONEY IN MY OWN PRIVATE PAYPAL ACCOUNT is now being withheld also.

    I am a 45-year-old, BA (Hons) educated, law-abiding person - the first person to support and help others throughout my life - and yet now I have NO ANSWERS. NO FUNDS. NO COMMUNICATION. AND HAVE HAD TO CANCEL MY SUPPORT DOG'S SCAN.

    In contrast - my Facebook fundraiser - has slowly released the fund via STRIPE payment system to total the £1,563 that people donated via them - WITHOUT ANY ISSUES AT ALL.

    I am heartbroken that this put my support dog at great risk and deeply concerned at where this money has gone.

    I would quite simply - never again - use PayPal for a Money Pool.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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