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    • Nov 15, 2019
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    Hum by Verizon

    Piece of junk

    We purchased Hum for our daughter's car. Being a new driver (age 16) we fell for all the claims of safety, security, and piece of mind.

    For the first year, or so, the unit seemed to work flawlessly. We were already considering purchasing a second unit for whatever car our youngest daughter may drive when she turns 16. We even considered ones for both of our cars. Can't put a price on safety, right?

    About 18 months into our contract Hum alerted us to a battery issue with our daughters car. I took it in and had the battery checked. Yep! The battery was faulty. This thing is great. But wait...

    Just over 3 years, right about when our youngest would start driving, our oldest got in an accident IN the car with Hum installed on July 12, 2019. This accident was very serious, with massive front end damage to the vehicle and 4 out of the 6 airbags deployed.

    Fortunately, our daughter wasn't seriously hurt, but Hum never worked as it was supposed to. We were told that Hum would contact the driver and send EMS/Fire/Police if no response from within the car.

    Our daughter never heard anything from Hum. Hum never summoned any safety services. Our daughter had to search for her phone and call 911 herself. On July 22, 2019 I called Hum to inquire, and share my complete dissatisfaction. I was told by the representative that they would research this and they were escalating this to a special department. I should expect a response within 48 hours.

    Fast forward two months later and several calls for answers with no response. I was looking at new phones inside a Verizon store. I shared my dismay with Hum. While in the store the rep called Hum. The answer was they tried calling me several times on my cell, but I never answered. I called BS immediately stating no calls from Hum, no messages, NOTHING. I then asked the rep if they tried calling multiple times that must mean they have an answer. When asked what the answer was I was told they would have to reopen the incident and research it again. Yep, you guessed it! I would hear something in about 48 hours. That was around 9/21/19.

    Since then I have called and spoke with Edgar from Hum. He was less than understanding and spent more time pointing out that the rep in the store provided me a 1 (ONE) month credit for Hum because of my problems. He had the nerve to tell me he considered my case closed since I accepted a monetary fix.

    HELLO! The rep offered. Why would I not accept? When did I ever agree to stop questioning why my daughters' health and safety were at risk all the time Hum gave us some false sense of security? He agreed to check with the engineers after he confirmed he saw no comments on why Hum didn't work from the 3-4 other claims to check. What about the claims they tried to call me multiple times to tell me the outcome of their investigation. NOPE, not a darn thing. That was on October 4.

    On October 31 I again called looking to speak with Edgar to find out why he hasn't called me back in the 48 hours as promised. I spoke with Jerry, who said Edgar wasn't in yet. I spoke with Jerry, describing the whole incident. He shared my concern and promised I would hear something soon. He promised he would leave a message with Edgar and I would get answers. It is now 11/13/19, and I still have gotten no return call.

    Edgar also promised a refund of 1 year (yes, ONE whole year of service) credited to my Verizon bill starting on the next bill cycle. Our bill just cycled, and I will be very surprised if I actually get what is promised.

    So, unlike most people on this website that shared accident alerts on vehicles that were clearly never damaged we have the exact opposite problem. Our 18-year-old daughter was in an accident and had to summon help herself. We thank God every day she, and the other driver, were not hurt seriously. Thankfully she was able to contact safety services, but there is no record of any alert from Hum as promised.

    As a matter of fact, during all these calls to Hum I pointed out the car was still showing as parked at the exact location the accident happened. I pointed out the unit was firmly seated in the OBD reader under the dash, and the whole car, including the hands free calling had power until the fire department cut the battery cables.

    So, my suggestion is, please don't waste your time, money, and peace of mind on a system that doesn't seem to work as promised. If that isn't bad enough, the customer service sucks as they don't seem to follow through on any promises made to come to a swift resolution. Remember, her accident was on 7/12/19, and it is now 11/13/19. My first call to Hum was on 7/22/19 and still NO explanation.

    Do you want to waste your money on a false sense of security? I don't. Service was cancelled 2 months ago.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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