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    • Nov 20, 2019
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    Cologuard Test

    Never got results and they were positive...

    Overall Experience:

    I never wanted to have a colonoscopy. I had a far removed cousin who had one and had a tear as a result and sadly died.

    Okay, so now I felt every year my gyn and my internist would ask me "Have you had a colonoscopy" and finally I went to a gastroenterologist and told her my qualms and anxieties so we reached a compromise. I would do the non-invasive Cologuard Test and depending on the results would then decide how to proceed or not.

    In end of July I received my kit and by August I had done the test.

    The test itself is simple to follow and they give you great step-by-step instructions and on phone help whenever you need it.

    One opens the box and takes out the various pieces. One piece is to place under one's toilet seat. Another is a collection container that fits into that after the seat has been put down. You go to the bathroom as you normally would and then you take a scraping from the sample to put into a vial. Then you pour a bottle of preservative over the sample in the large container. Label the vial and sample box (all are supplied and easy to write on and stick on samples).

    Then you close the box and put on the return label. I called for FedEx to pick up and then it was all done. That part was great. I couldn't say enough good things.

    After numerous phone calls and emails and a letter or two from the people at Cologuard. I have to say they were exhaustive in their pre-testing attention. A few weeks to a month passed, I received a letter saying the results had been sent to my Gastroenterologist. I called - the machine gave me different prompts and I used the prompt that said: "If you want to talk with a clinician regarding your test results press this number."

    I left a message. I heard nothing. I forgot about it and felt if it was a bad result that I would have heard.

    I left another message and was now feeling after a week and no response that I should call Cologuard. I called and they were able to tell me that a fax HAD been sent to my doctor. Hmmm. The next day I called the office and this time I spoke with the receptionist. She checked out my file. "No, they hadn't received any results for me." I called Cologuard again. I was told they would resend. They also said I could receive my own results IF I filled up a form and this I did and faxed them in. A day later I received a fax back. They needed the forms resent as the fax was not complete. I decided to instead send the info by email. The next day I called the doctor's office and left a message with the receptionist. I received a call from the doctor who left a message as my phone was not with me. She said I should call the office to discuss how I'd like to proceed with my results. Well, I still didn't have my results so I called back and no answer. I got another message that said to call the office and the PA would let me have my results. I called a few times and she was with a patient. Finally she reached me to tell me that the results were positive and I should schedule a colonoscopy. That was when I called back Cologuard and told them that I just got the results now 4 months later. I asked them about the fax which apparently was the incorrect fax number (though I don't know how this would have happened - unless someone was handwriting the fax number from the doctor's office, or they misread the fax number at Cologuard). But it happened. I asked if they do a follow-up call, especially when a result is positive and they said they did.

    So no matter what happened I am going to have to face a colonoscopy and the stress is unimaginable. It is made many times worse as the result was positive and because all these months have passed. I think this test has potential but for me it would have been far less stressful had I just gone ahead and had the bloody colonoscopy. I have to wait a month before I could be scheduled so in all it will be over 5 months from when I received the test to the colonoscopy. I think they need to make sure the doctor has received positive test results. I think the patient also should be told their results. Thankfully to me, I followed through until I got an answer.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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