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    • Nov 21, 2019
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    In 2017 I started getting my rescue dog the Super Chewer BarkBox. Since 2018 it has been her only source of toys. They used to seem good but I've noticed this year the service has become really bad. The didn't send me a July box even though I paid the whole year in advance and made no real move to correct the error. And some of the toys were looking REALLY tough and hard...even for a "strong chewer".

    One day I was in the yard throwing her toys for her and I noticed she wasn't picking them up. That's when I realized about half a centimeter of her lower canine was completely gone. Wondering what the hell she did to do that, I brought her to the vet. That's when I learned the Super Chewer hard nylon toys are absolutely not safe in any way for dog teeth. Horns, bones, antlers, nylon hard stuff - all bad. BarkBox had been increasingly sending harder and bigger nylon chews but I just assumed, since they're a company claiming safety and testing in their toys, that these things were fine.

    She had to be referred to a vet dentist who verified what my vet said. She was scheduled for a root canal. While under anesthesia the vet discovered other chipped teeth and a rear one with a fracture. Thankfully those were less drastic repairs but it was heartbreaking to think she had been suffering in pain for who knows how long. This whole ordeal has also cost thousands of dollars.

    When I contacted BarkBox I asked to cancel and be refunded the remainder of my subscription. At first they were very defensive - claiming their toys are perfectly safe and tested beforehand. When I asked them for documentation showing their testing is inclusive of safety for teeth they backtracked. They began apologizing profusely and stated they would close and refund my account and that a senior Ambassador would be contacted me directly. That was weeks ago and neither has happened.

    Save your dog the pain and yourself the THOUSANDS of dollars in tooth repair - run far away. A quick google search for "vet dentist-approved toys" should provide options that are actually safe. I wish I had known that this company was completely deceptive in their reputation of having "safe" and "tested" toys.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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