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    • Nov 22, 2019
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    Getaround stole my car

    Overall Experience:

    My car was stolen due to Getaround, just a few days after I started renting it through the company's service. I've lived in my house for four years and never had a single issue with safety regarding my car until now. My car was stolen on 10/28/2019 and they have done nothing to resolve this. Throughout this entire experience Getaround has conducted inappropriate behavior including: created personal safety issues for me, prohibited the police from conducting sufficient reports/forensics, an incredible lack of communication with absolutely no returned calls from the safety team, towing the vehicle to illegal and unsafe locations, promises that they would reimburse me by a certain date with no reimbursement, financial impacts due to my increased commute from not having a car, professional impacts from time out of work to handle this issue. I've never experienced such inappropriate customer service from a company.

    What happened:

    Lied About Reimbursement: Getaround informed me that they would reimburse me by 11/15/2019 if I sent a receipt and proof of payment by 11/14/2019. I sent all required information by 11/13/2019 and received no reimbursement. Additionally, I even gave them additional information by sending a cost breakdown the week prior (11/07/2019).

    Inability to Investigate Crime Scene because of Getaround: My car was found on the opposite side of town with the key missing since Getaround keeps in the key in the car). Getaround towed my car before the police came to the scene, which meant that the police could not conduct forensics.

    No Communication: I have called countless times to confirm that Getaround received the repairs estimate, to understand the process, to get confirmation that they had everything in place and received no information. I've called multiple times a day since my car was stolen on 10/28/2019. Specifically, David from Getaround has been the point of contact with no communication back.

    Towed to Illegal and Incorrect Location: Getaround was supposed to inform me when they were towing my car. I did not hear anything from Getaround for 24 hours after my car was found to be stolen, instead, I only heard from the tow truck driver who called me during the middle of a workday saying he towed my car to my house. The car was supposed to be towed to the dealership to be repaired. Instead, they towed my car to an illegal parking spot at my house, where I then received parking tickets. My car sat in this location for over 24 hours, with the window broken. Additionally, I was told that I would be called when I car would be towed. Late on the night of 10/31/2019, I noticed my car was gone, when it had been there 10 minutes before. I had received no call so I immediately thought the car was stolen. I tracked my car moving and it ended up a few towns over. I called Getaround and they had no idea what was happening. So we called the police. We had the police in my house until 1:00 am that night dealing with a police report. After many hours the police approached the house where my car was located. It turned out a tow truck driver had brought it to his house before taking it to the dealership. I was never informed of any of this.

    Personal Safety Concerns: The person who stole my car has my car key and stole it from my house. Therefore, when Getaround towed the vehicle back to my house, it meant that the person is out there, with my car key, and knows where I live, and could come around any time to my home.

    Irrational: Getaround towed my car to the dealership, but then email me later that another shop would be making repairs.

    Negative Professional Impact: I've had to take countless hours of my day to call Getaround with no response back.

    Negative Financial Impact: I've had to drastically change my commute given the days my car has been stolen and being fixed. The financial impact of this has been incredibly high.

    Degrading Experience: I've been treated like I do not matter, they tell me one thing and then never do it. It's been an incredibly disrespectful service, where I've just been pushed off and disregarded.

    I hope this review serves to help anyone thinking of using this service.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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