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    • Nov 27, 2019
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    Endurance Auto Warranty

    One month in shop until used transmission arrived to fail 3 months later

    Overall Experience:

    Three months ago my transmission needed replacement. At my extended auto warranty company Endurance direction, I took my car to AAMCO on Ina Road, Tucson, AZ 85741. It took ONE MONTH for the part (a used transmission) to be located and shipped to the shop for installation. I was charged a $100 deductible. Then, I was told my warranty company was refusing to pay for the last week of my car rental, I would be responsible for the balance of the bill from the auto rental company. I was shocked as it was not my fault this repair wasn't handled in a timely manner. Throughout the month I called the shop on a daily basis asking when my car would be ready, I was repeatedly told they haven't received the transmission yet and were waiting on the warranty company. The used transmission finally arrived in a brown box with no information on its age, miles, or condition. When checking out, I asked AAMCO of their warranty. I was told they cannot provide one due to it not being their product and knowing nothing about it, they only installed it. If something goes wrong my Endurance warranty will cover it within my contract time frame.

    Now, only three months later, my replaced used transmission provided by Endurance has failed and I'm in need of a transmission replacement again. I've been told by Endurance they will not cover a car rental and I can submit the bill to the supplier of the transmission when the claim is closed. When I asked Endurance for the supplier name and contact information, I was refused and told they will give it to me only when the claim has been closed. Endurance told me, the standard is the time it takes to get the part to the shop plus one day for installation. However, this puts a hardship on me due to a lack of my ability to confirm reimbursement with the unknown supplier. Meanwhile, I'm having to put my car rental on my credit card during holiday rates without confirmation of reimbursement by an unknown supplier. Again, having no idea of a time frame supplier will provide the part to the shop. Only three months ago it took them a MONTH. This is a time is of the essence matter, as I, or no one, have unlimited funds to pay for that kind of time frame for a rental car without confirmation of reimbursement. I want my replacement to be handled in a timely manner and I want a new or reliable transmission installed in my vehicle. I was told I won't be responsible for the $100 copay this time.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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