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    • Dec 5, 2019
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    Deming, Parker, Hoffman (Legal Shield Law Firm)

    Overall Experience:

    From my experience, Deming, Parker, a law firm full of "lawyers" who do not show concern regarding the client’s issue. My first issue was regarding a debt collection that was not mine and the debt collecting company was suing me. Mr. Woods contacted the plaintiff's lawyer (because I asked him to), to ask for some information and proof regarding the lawsuit (which I told him to ask for), but soon after that, he told me to settle. He did not look into any laws for me, he put no effort in my case at all. Only because of MY legal work was I able to beat the case and have the lawsuit dismissed. While Mr. Woods was telling me to settle, I was diligently researching Georgia Debt Collection laws, and found a loophole that would get my case dismissed. I emailed this law to Mr. Woods, he emailed it to the other attorney, and the next thing I know I received a letter saying the case was dismissed. The only purpose Mr. Woods served was to act as a liaison and communicate with the other attorney because I did not want to communicate with her. I had to ask him to do that too; he did not offer.

    My next case was regarding a dependent of mine and I had an "attorney" named Kylie (not sure of the spelling). From the moment she called me about this case, she had an attitude and unconcern oozed from her tone of voice. She talked to me like I was stupid. I feel she would have acted like a jerk no matter what my issue was, but I feel she was even more rude to me because my dependent is incarcerated. She had an air of arrogance to her. At least Mr. Woods was nice. Kylie is rude and seemed to have no more knowledge regarding prisoner advocacy laws than a law student or a Google Scholar who graduated from the University of Looking Everything Up On Google (which actually helped me more than this law firm, so yay Google). She never offered to refer me to a lawyer who had knowledge of prisoner advocacy laws. I would ask her a question and she would say "well I'm not sure, I don't think you can do this", and then just sit in silence on the phone. That's after condescendingly asking me if I had already contacted the Ombudsman Office, which I did of course. Information about the Ombudsman Unit was the only slightly helpful information she provided in the useless email she sent me.

    While my entire experience at Deming, Parker, and Whatever was EXTREMELY poor, Kylie is the reason why I am canceling my LegalShield membership and will be hiring a normal attorney who actually has education on Georgia laws.

    LegalShield, I do not know what you pay this law firm in order to be a part of your network, but it is CLEARLY not enough to make them care about their clients, or at least pretend to care. Give Kylie some customer service training. Also, upon being assigned to this law firm you should let new LegalShield clients know that this law firm can only help with the most basic of issues, like getting a will, or receiving assistance with a mortgage contract or some other contract. Much of anything else is greatly outside the scope of what this firm is capable of. No need to send me an email stating your website notifies clients that if they need more assistance they would have to pay regular attorney fees with a 25% discount. This law firm should still be able to answer basic questions within our normal LegalShield plan. I did not even ask Kylie to look into anything for me, because I knew she wouldn't. I merely asked her to guide me to the right people or organization that had knowledge of prisoner advocacy laws, and she still refused to do that unless I paid for an attorney.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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