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    • Dec 16, 2019
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    Do NOT do business with CashNetUSA

    Overall Experience:

    Do NOT do business with this company. Everytime you call or chat it can take upwards of 4 hours to reach someone. When I began doing business with this company I was told they were available 24/7. This is NOT true!

    I was also told I would be able to call in to make my payments because my check doesn't come on a certain day every two weeks. Then I downloaded the app, which doesn't work. Every time I login I would get an error and the app would shut down. So when I got online, I noticed they set me up on automatic ACH payments, which I didn't authorize. When I tried calling a week in advance to postpone my payment and see how it could be possible that they were going to automatically take payments from my account without permission, the office was closed. This was on a Tuesday! I continuously called from Tuesday until the ACH payment was going to be withdrawn on my account Monday. Every time I called they were either closed or I would receive an error message and the recording would disconnect my call. This company has numerous numbers by the way, and none of them would work.

    Finally Monday, after I received numerous fees for this unauthorized payment coming out of my account, I reached a representative through chat online. In the chat, I explained the situation, that this payment was NOT authorized and that I had been told I could call in to make my payment on my payday. Jamie, the representative I chatted with, agreed that I had not authorized ACH payments and supposedly canceled any future ACH payments. She also assured me that once the payment was no longer in pending status the company would reverse the payment and I would be fully refunded with no penalty as long as I called in my payment. She told me to call back once the payment was no longer pending and she would note my account so I wouldn't have any further issues. Luckily, I was sure to have the representative email me a copy of the chat session and I took screen shots of the interaction.

    So far I have been charge over $100 in fees for this. Not only that, the amount of money they took for the payment was not the agreed upon amount. Anyhow, I tried to go through chat once again to get the payment refunded the very next day once the payment plus fees had posted. I waited 5 hours and then the system disconnected me. So I called and waited on hold for over 4 hours to speak to a representative. Once I reached someone I explained the entire situation and he told me that no they would not refund the money and that he would have to send my concerns to management who would in turn contact me within 24 hours. This was last monday. I still have not received a call back and it is now Sunday. I have tried calling back since this time and have tried the chat sessions but no one answers or returns my calls and the chat sessions just end after several hours.

    This company will lie and tell you anything just to get you to take a loan with them. Don't be stupid like I was and give this company access to your bank account. They have tried to withdraw money from my account several times since last week even though no payment is due. I have had to put a stop payment on my account against this company so they can't keep withdrawing money from my bank. The bank told me all they have to do is change their merchant number and then there isn't anything the bank can do to stop them from withdrawing whatever they want from my account. Until I bring my bank account current I can't shut the account and open a new one which is what they are suggesting I do. Anyhow, next week after I get paid, I will be paying off the entire amount of this loan and closing my bank account.

    When all is said and done I will have hundreds of dollars in bank fees. If you are in desperate need of a loan, your best bet is to go directly through your bank. They offer small loans just to help customers to not use companies like CashNetUSA. Do NOT fall victim to this scam. In the end, it will cost you much more than you are agreeing to pay back.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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