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    • Dec 27, 2019
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    Not for pros

    As a pro member for several years I can tell you they are not of much use to the pro. Their business model is designed to make money and not help the pro.

    They charge the pro money every time they send you a referral and if that referral is fake it is up to you to ask for a credit. They do nothing proactive to ensure they are legit beforehand. If someone is just looking and does not want to be contacted and they give false info so they can get a look at the pro members we get charged and have to fall into certain categories that they consider legitimate excuses for credit. If they give a false email that does not work but made up a phone number that could be anyone's, we are still expected to pay. I was even told once that they contacted the customer when I said it could not be done and they denied my credit, after which I found out from another employee that they really didn’t reach the customer. The majority of my leads are people who I believe do not want to be contacted and just want to look. Of course, I only want to pay for serious customers. I was once told by a rep that since they could not contact the customer, my request for a credit was denied, yet if I cannot contact them, then that is not a legitimate reason to not have to pay. Double standard?

    They are not open on the weekend. They use their business hours for their part of the country for determining what normal business hours are for all their customers. If I close at 5 pm and my hours are off a few hours from theirs, they use theirs in determining if I should get leads sent to me. They offer the ability to turn off the lead flow if we are closed but I was told by a rep that it can take 48 hours once you turn them back on before they start to work again. Getting a lead way off normal bus hours such as 11 pm makes me wonder what to do because the customers usually take the first pro who calls them. Do I wait until 8 am? Whenever I do, I am told they already found someone and I get charged. Turning off leads to avoid this means waiting 48 hours for any more leads.

    They added another type of lead called an opportunity for work outside of your normal coverage area in addition to the normal lead flow and if you select one it is not always processed. I just did a few days ago because they state you do not have to pay unless the customer agrees to be contacted by me. I never heard anything from anyone.

    My fees are the same regardless of which town I quote a price for, yet their fees vary because they claim they are based on what I can get for my service in that area. So if I am competitively priced (something we should all want) less than others that is a bad thing in their mind because I should charge more and get charged more by them.

    My business is real-estate related and the people shopping for service only have 5 days to obtain my service and complete it. I do not have the luxury of being able to wait even several hours to contact the customer like when they are shopping for a floor.

    As a customer do not go there just to look around, it costs people money. If you are serious don’t just take the first call because it will also prevent you from seeing if you really are getting a deal. As a pro, if you are time-sensitive they will drive you nuts. I only keep my account with my leads turned off because I would hate to throw away all those 5-star reviews. I have customers who come to me stating they saw my reviews but never hired me through them which shows that people like to go there just to look. People will go and look at a lot of sites for info and it should not cost the pros money when they do.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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