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    • Jan 8, 2020
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    Will not allow me to use the app...and I pay money!

    Overall Experience:

    When I first came upon this app and decided to try it out it was great...Well, as great as I expected, which honestly wasn't a whole lot. But it did supercede my expectations...during my trial and during the first month in which I was charged $29.99 (for a single month). Now, please keep in mind that I initially signed up for the trial period where I believe I was given 7 days to use the service before deciding rather or not to commit to the monthly subscription billed at $29.99/mo. I made sure to not only triple check the date which I had to have opted out of the monthly agreement in order to not be charged the $29.99 (which is recurring!), but also set a reminder on my phone for two days prior to said date in order to have the option to cancel if I wished to do so...with time to spare leaving what I believed to be no question as to rather or not it was done in time.

    Well, I did decide to opt-out of the monthly program, did, in fact, cancel 2 days before the date given as the automatic enrollment date if no action was taken, but guess what...I was still billed $29.99 shortly thereafter! So, at this point I contacted their customer service department again and attempted to obtain a full refund and was insistent that they investigate so that I could prove that I had in fact canceled on time! They did investigate and I was proven to have done just what I had claimed! However...when I then asked when I would be getting my refund I was informed that I was actually only eligible for a $14.95 refund. Are you kidding me? That is not even a full 50% of what I was wrongly charged!

    Anyway, I do have to admit that the customer service rep was actually amazing and I couldn't be angry simply because he was so incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and definitely a salesman, lol! By the time we had hung up not only had he talked me out of requesting the portion I was eligible for of the money in which I was in fact wrongly charged, but had also sold me on continuing my monthly subscription (that I decided against) at a discounted rate he offered me to make up for charging me to begin with! LOL!

    Well, after all of that, the initial month where I paid full price I was able to use the app without any issues. It was fun for a couple of weeks and then I became bored with it and stopped using it. When I attempted to use the app and its services approx 3-4 weeks later (keep in mind at that point I was into the next month where I was paying less than the first month), it would no longer allow me to log in to use the app! That was over 3 months ago and every month I am charged the discounted rate and every month I am continually denied access! At this point it allows me to input the email that I signed up with but the password does not work, so I have made multiple multiple attempts to reset the password, using the correct email I assure you, but it never sends the link in order to reset it no matter how many times I "Send" it! I have tried calling customer service a few times but I am very busy and despite the one time where they were amazing, now I cannot get past "Hold" ughhhhhhhh. Honestly, ridiculous! Sad because I actually enjoyed the app while I was allowed access! But seems like maybe a scam, unfortunately! Beware.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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