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    • Jan 17, 2020
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    American Home Shield

    HVAC installation

    First I would like to state that we will not be bullied by American Home Shield or A-Advanced Heating and Air. You have both stated that unless we allow A-Advanced to come back into our home, all warranties will be voided. I'm curious to know how a warranty can be voided when the work was not been completed satisfactorily and we have records of numerous calls to A-Advanced and scheduled appointments to fix the problem. Also, since the line set was the original problem according to Nick from A-Advanced, explain how you can void a warranty when the line set has never been replaced. After conversations with other HVAC companies, they are all in agreement when they say that an R-22 line set should NEVER be used with a 410 system. They warned that there could be major problems down the road and that there is no time frame for problems to come. So unless you both plan to be dishonest about the actual work done, I see no way your threats will hold up in court. As far as AHS suggesting that they will have the manufacturer come in to ensure all is proper, why don't you have them come in and bypass A-Advanced? Manny himself stated to Byron and I that they are unfamiliar with this type of unit, so why would we have an inexperienced repairman work on our unit again?

    We feel the problem is this: AHS has religiously taken our payment every month. We contacted them about a problem and they sent A-Advanced to our home. We were told the line set had holes and was leaking and that it didn't make sense to repair the line when R-22 would be unavailable after December 31, 2019. So we decided to replace the entire system. The repairman came and did so but stated no thermostat was sent. He noted that the old thermostat was incompatible with the new unit. I contacted Heather at A-Advanced and she said they would locate one and someone would be out. The first appointment for the thermostat, the repairman was a no show, no call. The second appointment, two men came and after attempting to install the thermostat for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, they said they could not make it work, and put the old thermostat back on. I contacted Heather again and explained the situation along with the fact that the repairmen had tracked mud on my dining room carpet. I did not realize at that time how much mud there was and I told her I would try to clean it myself.

    The next appointment, Manny came and installed the thermostat and stated that this was a new system and they were unfamiliar with it. I showed him the carpet at that time and he stated that his guys don't always think, but that they have a carpet cleaning service they use for situations like this. No one from A-Advanced has bothered to contact us about our carpet being cleaned. The morning after Manny left, the temperature downstairs was 48 degrees. The unit was running but not heating. I turned on the emergency heat to try and heat up the house at 6:30 am. I forgot to turn it off when I left at 7:30 am and it ran all day. When Byron got home, the temperature was still 48 degrees and the unit was still running. He had to travel 15 miles that night to buy kerosene to use in our heater. We complained again and someone was supposed to come out on the Sunday before Christmas. At that time, Heather also mentioned that they needed to come out to replace the line set. It was not until then that we realized the line set had not been replaced when the new unit was installed. That means that the old line with R-22 was used on the new system, which is 410. On Sunday, the repairman did call to say he had car trouble and would not be able to come.

    No follow-up appointments were scheduled by A-Advanced. We were lied to about the line set obviously, since they used the old one with the new system. We have been lied to about the carpet being cleaned. We were lied to by AHS when one of the representatives told us on the Tuesday before Christmas that someone from the department that oversees the contractors would be getting in touch with us. To date, that has not happened. Now we are being told that no such department exists.

    We have no faith in this system at this point. Some days it heats fine, other days our downstairs is freezing. A resolution in our opinion would be to have this system removed and a new one installed with a new line set. We don't feel that A-Advanced has the experience with this type of system to satisfactorily install this unit. We also don't feel that AHS has represented itself in the best light. We are your customer yet you seem more interested in assuaging the feelings of A-Advanced than satisfying your customer.

    Again, we reiterate, we will not be bullied by either of you and we won't be giving you thirty (30) days to fix this problem. No satisfactory solution from you within 14 days will result in consultation with our attorney. We have already contacted the BBB about both companies and will contact any and everyone else we can think of to report your business practices.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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