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    • Jan 24, 2020
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    American Home Shield

    Assurances are pretty but are not facts

    Overall Experience:

    Assured multiple times from American Home Shield and realtor that yes they would most definitely cover and repair or replace any appliance necessary. $700 for a year (I was told a "special time offer") and $100 for each call out for service ($300 so far). So far $1000 shelled out. What I had repaired? A cheap thermostat and a wax ring for the toilet. Def nowhere near $1000 worth of service or work. Now for the third visit, my HVAC is out. Was assured once again before purchasing by American Home Shield and relator that yes they covered and would replace unit if necessary. The guy that came out was condescending and annoying. Said compressor needed to be replaced and that yes, American Home Shield would cover it and had to order a part.

    A few days later the same guy calls like a salesman on behalf of American Home Shield offering us a deal on behalf of American Home Shield. Says American Home Shield will give us $1000 down towards a new HVAC. (So basically they KNOW it needs to replaced but refuse to do so as promised.) We cannot afford a new HVAC, which is why we got this coverage to begin with upon the assurance (lies) that American Home Shield WOULD DEFINITELY cover or replace the unit. Obviously we turned them down. If we had money to replace everything we wouldn’t need them! Two weeks later American Home Shield contacts husband, says the part is in but that unit needs freon, which is $900 but will only cover $90. I am in the process of asking for a refund. So we could have gone into debt even further after going into debt for a new home, and had $1000 to assure our children had heat all winter, but instead we're assured broken promises by American Home Shield and basically threw away $1000.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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