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    • Mar 17, 2020
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    TV Buddy Caster

    Faulty product and terrible customer service

    Overall Experience:

    My dad who is 65 bought this product as it was advertised as very easy setup. He tried to set up himself several times but couldn’t get it to work. He assumed he was maybe doing something wrong so decided to wait for me to visit. I live 250 miles away and only got to visit today (unfortunately after a 30-day return policy). I who am reasonably tech-savvy so thought oh this should be easy and tried to set up. Connected the TV Buddy to the house WiFi but then when trying to cast nothing would connect/mirror, even though the mirroring was showing up on our devices. Tried a few more times in case I was missing something silly, no joy.

    Decided to go to the website and use the online chat for help, wish I still had the convo but unfortunately I got disconnected before I could copy. Asked for help and was directed to a video and a manual, tried again as I thought why not. When I told them it wasn’t working they kept telling me to do the same things I’d already done, despite telling them what I had done and sending several pictures of my screen. I was told that "no, that’s not right, you’ve missed a step" and when I asked for a walkthrough as the manual wasn’t clear, I was told actually the manual is very easy to follow (why don’t you just come out and call me stupid?!). In the end I sent the customer service advisor screenshots of me doing it step by step, got told at the step of connecting the TV Buddy to the WiFi that was the 1st time I had got to that stage?! I corrected the agent and told them that actually I’d already told them and send screenshots of being at that stage and the TV being connected to the WiFi several times.

    After over an hour of going round in circles and them trying to make me feel like an idiot the agent finally told me the product must be faulty and they can send me a new one. Usually, this would be fine but as the way I was spoken to was awful and I was made to go round in circle I asked for refund. To which they told me no as it was out of the 30 days but they could offer me 20% back. Asked if the 20% back also includes them sending me a new one and was told it was one or the other. As I’m not in the habit of throwing money out the window I’ve asked for the replacement. I think it’s bad that there aren’t any exceptions made for a refund when it’s a faulty product and the way the customer service team spoke to me was shocking. Thankfully it wasn’t my dad as he wouldn’t have reacted in the same way as me and would have been made to believe he wasn’t doing something right and was stupid even though it was actually a faulty product.

    Will make sure my dad lets me know about buying any tech products so he never buys from someone like you again.

    Severely disappointed and disgusted.


    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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