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    • Apr 1, 2020
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    American Home Shield

    Terrible coverage, high deductibles, and questionable contractors

    Overall Experience:

    Got a warranty with the home we purchased in March 2019. Just after moving in, we had both toilets start to leak. Made an online claim and had to pay $75x2 deductible. Plumber said the work was done, but one still leaked. Online again, and we had to pay another $75. Plumber came and said he fixed it, but after he left it still leaked. Called AHS and they sent the plumber back out for "free" (sans $225), new plumber came out from the same company and said the previous plumber had been let go because it turns out he was not a certified plumber. New plumber said the toilet was no longer fixable, but AHS would not cover a replacement. New one would be $450 installed.

    Sump pump was failing. AHS covered the sump pump, but not the backflow valve ($80).

    Toilet leaked again, replacement was not covered and while the plumber was there he pointed out that the 1/4 turn shutoff valve was not working. Said he couldn't fix it because AHS would not cover that because the call was for the toilet and not the 1/4 turn valve. I could call, pay another $75 and they would come back out to fix the valve.

    Turned the AC/heat pump on in the summer, but no cold air. Paid $75 for a tech, tech came out and found a leak. Repaired the leak and handed me a bill for $360 because AHS did not cover the refrigerant that the leak caused.

    Well pump had no pressure. Paid $75 for a tech to come out and tell me that while AHS covered the pump, they did not cover the pressure tank or the water conditioning system that were also completely shot. $2600 out of pocket.

    Kitchen sink leaked, paid $75 for a tech, new plumbing company came out fixed it and left and it still leaked. Called AHS, plumber came back for "free" (aka $75) and told me that the basket strainer was stripped, but AHS didn't cover that and it would cost me $125 for one to be installed. Went out and bought one for $8 and put it in myself.

    Two appliances failed - not covered because the policy did not include appliances. $3200 to replace them.

    Useless warranty. They say you are covered but they don't completely cover you and the contractors are sub-par.

    Would never, ever recommend them.

    They have, however, been relentless trying to get me to renew.

    Never - Ever.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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