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    • Sep 9, 2020
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    Cologuard Test

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    Very questionable

    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
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    I will start off by saying this was covered 100% thru my Medicare. But, I sent off the first sample, got a call a few days later saying the container was damaged and I needed another test. I agreed as long as I would not be billed for anything, which I wasn't. The box you return is not very well padded so I can see why there could be a problem, but Cologuard needs to refigure the box. I was not surprised when the results came back positive as after reading a lot of reviews on this product, I found out this is very common. The letter I received said POSITIVE - nothing about what was found or what I needed to do. That was it, a letter with the one word on it. That seemed unprofessional to me. There was no follow up by them. I would not recommend this as there are too many negative comments and I have read where a lot of people have had insurance problems. I am due for a colonoscopy in November 2021 (thought it was this year which is why I did the Cologuard), and will bite the bullet and pay for a test I have more confidence in.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Convenience
    • Unprofessional notification

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Apr 15, 2020


    I had my doctor order the Cologuard last month when I was in for a wellness physical. I received a call from a Cologuard rep, letting me know the test was being mailed out and asked if I had questions, and gave me a phone number to call in case I did at another time. The test is very simple to use, directions are easy to follow. I mailed the kit back and in less than 2 weeks, I received a letter telling me my test results had been sent to my doctor. They do not give the results, you have to get those from your doctor. This was covered 100% by Medicare. I have no complaints and would recommend to others.

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