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    • May 20, 2020
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    Metromile Insurance

    Metromile's horrible claims process and horrible insulting game playing

    Overall Experience:

    I have been back and forth with this agent, as he is insistent on constantly investigating me for causing damage to my Hummer with my own boat and/or trailer even though I have provided him an invoice that it has been about a year since we took the boat out and witness statements from the employees and supervisor at Super Star Car Wash that my car was not damaged at all after the last time I took the boat out as I have a membership. I have to asked several times for my policy coverages I have available and have informed him several times that I don't have a receipt and used cash at Home Depot where I believe the damage occurred and names of the Home Depot employees who helped me. He is also in charge of my other claims for my Audi in which the car wash pointed out the damage to me, they think the scratches were maybe caused by trees, etc. I have also provided him witness statements from the same employees and supervisor at the Super Star Car Wash that they did point out the damage to me and that my car did not have these scratches prior. This adjuster first informed me that the damage on the Hummer's back left and right quarter panels may have to be two separate claims when I pushed back, and even his coworker he states informed him that it must have been a trailer of some sort that backed into my car while I was in Home Depot and that it doesn't make sense that I would have been backed into on 2 separate occasions and the damage being at the same height and place on each backside of my Hummer.

    He then came back and said since I mentioned I had a boat that he was sending out an investigator to my home to take pictures and measurements of my boat, trailer, and the damage to the back of the Hummer. When I informed him that my Hummer was in the shop and that they were more than welcome to come to my property to take the measurements of the boat and trailer, and they were welcome to go to the dealership service center to get the photos and measurements from the damage on my hummer, he then stated they both had to be on my property at the same time. I made this happen and he had the nerve to send me another email after I requested for his supervisor to contact me and take over that I refused the investigator he sent out to hook my boat up to the trailer, when this guy never asked me, that I even held up the tarp to make it easier for this independent investigator to take good photos of his measurements of my boat and trailer. To top that off, in this same email he continues to insist that I provide a receipt from Home Depot from my shopping trip on 4/26/2020 that I informed him I didn't have and they couldn't look it up because I paid cash, even though he can see on my trip history that Metromile monitors that I was there that day.

    I informed this adjuster that I was ill and sent him an email of my medical records and explained to him that I have been too ill and this process he is putting me through is making my health worst with stress by him insisting that to go forward with the claim he needs a receipt from Home Depot. I also used it to explain why I was off a little on the actual dates of the Home Depot trip and the last car wash in which the detailer pointed out the scratches on my other vehicle, the Audi, to me. And to top this all off is the fact that I not only have full coverage on both my vehicles but also uninsured motorist in which I'm covered all the way around and this being my first claims with them since I've had the policy for over a year.

    At this time I need you guys (Department of Insurance) to step in as I'm being treated unfairly and insulted and spinning my wheels with this agent, and with my health conditions, I cannot continue to play with this guy. As I also asked several times for him to provide me estimates of my vehicles being repaired from the photos, etc. that his team had put together so I see what I'm looking at with the understanding they have to still complete their investigation, and when I asked him to send me over my policy coverages he had the nerve to email me back that I can view it on the app, and he would be sending me a letter about my responsibility to cooperate when I emailed him back as requesting that we both be on the same page and if he could tell me what haven't I cooperated with to prompt him to send me such letter which he did regular mail and spent $4.05 to also send this letter certified, he informed me by email that he just wanted me to know. I can't take this anymore and shouldn't have to as a good-paying consumer and a good history.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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