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    • Oct 22, 2020
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    American Home Shield

    Horrible service, I paid out of pocket for the technician and for repair and for cancellation.

    • Length of Use: 2+ years
    Overall Experience:

    Please read the reviews about AHS carefully. They entice you by offering a month or two for free then once they have you in their grips they offer selected services where they say you have a minimum fee once you place a work order with them, keep in mind that the Technician they send may not be top quality just whoever they can get to provide service. At least this was my experience and I ended up having to purchase a whole new HVAC the last time I signed in with them.

    This time I placed two work orders, one for an outside pipe and the other for a bedroom fan. I was told that they do. It covered piping so after I placed the work order and paid the fee and the Technician showed up, I also had to pay separately out of pocket to fix the pipe so honestly, it was wasted money, I could have just contacted the Technician directly and saved myself the fee altogether. The second work order for the fan never got resolved because of the Technician. Had it on backorder for a month and a half and there was no response to AHS from the Technician when I called, so once again wasted payment for the work order, and keep in mind this is separate from the monthly fee, you pay outside of the work order.

    It was utterly a money pit with AHS happily taking my money and providing poor service. You are better off saving for a few months then paying for your appliance or service out of pocket. Don’t forget there is also a cancellation fee. So whatever your monthly fee is, you will be expected to pay that plus the cancellation fee, so they double charge you to cancel your subscription with them. What nonsense.

    Buyer beware and learn from my mistake, do not get an American Home Shield service plan, it is not worth it. You will be left holding the bag like I was. I tried to give them a second chance but I just can’t continue to accept poor service and payout of pocket anyway since they are literally doing nothing but taking money from me. Don’t get it. Do your research.

    Pros and Cons:

    • No “pros” were specified in this review
    • Did not refund my money after I paid and submitted a work order and when I followed up I was told that they did not cover that service
    • Had to pay out of pocket after paying service fee
    • Had to pay cancellation fee and monthly fee

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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