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    • Oct 27, 2020
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    Shift Car Buying Service

    Terrible experience

    • Length of Use: Less than 3 months
    Overall Experience:

    I bought a car two weeks ago from Shift. I'm a nurse and my schedule is hectic so their slogan "Buying a car made easy" appealed to me. First test drive the concierge brought the car to me and only gave me 15 minutes to test drive. Before my next test drive, someone from Shift called me, when I asked how long the test drive was, he said 30 minutes. When the concierge showed up with the next car he seemed disinterested and told me 20 minutes.

    After the test drive, I told him I wanted to buy the car. What should have taken 1 hour took 5 hours! The finance department called me and was pressuring me to buy the extra protection plan. When I resisted he said he would give me $400 off my total price. I agreed and he emailed me a contract with the price breakdown which came out to $297 a month. But when I went to sign the paperwork with the concierge on his tablet the price was $305. I refused to sign until it was fixed. I triple checked the math and it should be $297. The concierge was not communicating with me and finally, I just called Shift myself. They said they couldn't honor the discount. I said I wanted to speak to someone else. Then after a long hold, they said it was fine and I was just doing my mental math wrong. I insisted I was correct.

    Finally, after hours of back and forth on the phone and the concierge just hanging out in my garage, they used a loan calculator online and surprise! I was right about the price. They then said I didn't have to sign the paperwork with the concierge and that my emailed copy was the correct one. So why did it take 5 hours to figure this out? It was so stressful and I almost just walked away but I really liked the car. It's doesn't end there.

    Because of this negative experience, I got the car inspected by Mazda. Shift claims to do a 150-point inspection on all their cars and the cars come with a free 30-day drive train warranty. Turns out the tensioner belt (part of the drive train) was broken. A $300 replacement plus the windshield wipers were in bad shape, and the cabin filter was filthy. I emailed Shift and they said it was normal "wear and tear" and they would only put $250 towards the repairs. I had to argue that the belt is part of the drive train which should be fully covered under their warranty. Also, how is this wear and tear my responsibility in a car I just bought from them? And after my experience buying the car I was already extremely disappointed in Shift. After more back and forth they finally agreed to reimburse me for my independent inspection and $350 for the repairs. I was happy with that and took it.

    Overall it was not worth it. It took me giving them hell to get this car and get it fixed. If it hasn't been the exact car I wanted I would have walked away. It was so much stress and hassle. Their employees don't seem to communicate well with each other. It seems they just want to sell you the car and protection plan but don't care as much about the client's experience.

    I wouldn't recommend using Shift. But if you do, get your car independently inspected! You have 7 days to return it! And they just went public as a company last week so they'll be held to a higher standard now.

    Pros and Cons:

    • The car
    • Customer service

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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