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    • Dec 4, 2020
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    TruthFinder rocks

    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
    Overall Experience:

    While writing a memoir, it was difficult to do a timeline being as old as I am of the people in my life such as when we met, when they died, and how long we knew each other.

    Additionally, some of the people that I've known have obviously been secretive about themselves, which is understandable. Don't we all have secrets? There was nothing disturbing about the people I found, however, there were some things I did not know about simply because in the course of our lives they never came up.

    TruthFinder allowed me to know some details to get a better sense of the people that impacted my life and all of it was positive. I suppose everyone's experience would depend on what you are looking for here. I wasn't looking for anything scandalous, although a cousin of mine told me that her late husband's son was harassing her and I was able to give her substantive information that may help her to stay safe.

    I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a way to help loved ones, especially those whose lives may be at risk of harm.

    To reiterate, this was for personal use, not business, in helping me write a timeline for a memoir and I also happened to come across information that could help a loved one stay safe.

    Pros and Cons:

    • Accuracy in finding information
    • Understanding people who've made an impact on my life
    • Filling in gaps to help loved ones stay safe
    • Some searches, knowing the accuracy of a person's name had nothing about them
    • There was a person I could not find at all (not sure if I should name them here, email me if you want to know)

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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