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    • Dec 9, 2020
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    American Home Shield

    Refuse to replace or pay for a defective covered part

    • Length of Use: 3–6 months
    Overall Experience:

    Do not purchase any kind of product or service from AHS - they are fraudulent!

    I am one of their victims. I filed a service request for our home gas furnace, which is covered under the American Home Shield plan we purchased. The first company they assigned to my issue was useless - they did come out to the house but then never established a diagnosis or informed AHS of anything, so a second company was assigned. I liked the technician from the second company - he established the problem and they eventually submitted the diagnosis to AHS (did take a week or more to do that). AHS determined that they would replace the part and not the whole furnace. Fine, but when the contractor went to order the part, they found it was not available and not only was it not available, there was no definite timeline for its availability - could be six weeks, could be a year, could be never. The contractor cannot do anything without AHS approval, so I call AHS and request that they either replace the part or pay me the amount that they would pay for the part and I would proceed on my own to repair the furnace. No - they will not do either. Instead, they tell me I need to wait for the part. But since there is no timeline for the part's availability, there is no deadline for this wait. I could wait for years, and AHS would just tell me to keep waiting. Meanwhile, we have no heat, and it's now December (has been over a month since I filed the initial service request). AHS is not interested in actually fixing problems for its scam victims - excuse me, customers - they just want you to keep paying that monthly fee and they will basically just make you wait for any service until you go away.

    Do not purchase any kind of product or service from AHS - they are fraudulent!

    Pros and Cons:

    • They do answer the phone - they just don't provide any actual resolution
    • They charge for a service but do NOT provide the service - it's a fraud
    • Their contractors are not knowledgeable and are not trustworthy
    • They are a scam

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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