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    • May 11, 2016
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    Retinolla, Hydraluxe, Stemoderma are all scams

    I was recently sent a survey from our telecommunications company with a promise of a free gift. I completed the survey and my free gift was face cream, marketted as Retinolla, with the company name Stemoderma in fine print at the bottom. I was asked to provide a charge card number to pay the $6 shipping charge. I have since confirmed that the survey itself was a scam and that it was not sent out by my phone company. I trusted the 'gift company' as it appeared to be endorsed by my phone company. I received the face cream in a box with only a packing slip inside. I received an email confirming that they had shipped the gift. I thought not more of it until today when I received another box of face cream.

    I called the company (retinolla) and the woman there, Ella, (who would not say what company she worked for and she said she was in Israel,) said that by accepting the free gift I had agreed to paying $190 for it if I didn't return it within 14 days. She also said that the fine print stated that they would send me cream monthly for $135. No paperwork in the packages, no emails etc ever mentioned a cost or 'this fine print' or that I would receive more. Interestingly my charge card lists the charge as Hydraluxe inChina. I tried to call the number for Hyraluxe and guess who answered - Ella.

    I then read the fine print at the bottom of the Retinolla website which mentioned the name of Faseder Ltd. I looked up that company and the link was to Stemoderma. I phoned Stemoderma (A Czech company according to their website) to voice my concerns, thinking that they might be the 'parent' company and be more ethical that Retinolla. After waiting about 15 minutes on the phone, the same 'Ella' answered for the third time. All companies are the same and my credit card company confirmed that this is a scam, but that they can do nothing about it, because in agreeing to the free gift, I also agreed to their terms and conditions, in tiny print at the bottom of the page.

    So, please be warned. This is a total scam. I did some searching on the internet and it appears that many many people have been scammed in similar ways by this company.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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