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    • May 20, 2016
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    Bio Testosterone XR

    Feeling deceived and stolen from with no help from company

    I have contacted this company numerous times and expressed my dissatisfaction. Every time I call customer support they read some script about trial offers and time limits. They surely can feel my displeasure with the product no matter what the fine print says, and I clearly want my money back and will return the product (90% of it).

    I have been in Customer Service for over 35+ years and have never seen a situation where a customer has been so displeased and not helped to solve their problem. If this was a store or a restaurant they would be out of business. Surely they have heard of the saying "one happy customer only tells two people, but one unhappy customer tells 20 people or more". This company is being told by it's unhappy customers that there is a glitch in how they are portraying their products, their free trial sample and the auto deduct from our credit cards or bank accounts.

    Surely there is someone high up enough to listen and change how you do business, so you don't have all these unhappy customers or customers who feel cheated or stolen from, no matter what your disclaimer or fine print says.

    I do, however, believe that the owner of this business doesn't want the public to think their company is dishonest or ripping off it's customers, because so far, in my research, all the reviews have negative comments. One reviewer is trying to rally the customers to start a lawsuit. I personally don't agree with suing for any reason other than to prove a point and stop bad businesses from creating more dissatisfied customers. Because of this, I just may help.

    Every company must have rules and regulations in order to operate, but if their culture is producing unhappy customers, wouldn't anyone in their right mind want to make a change to make masses happy? You and I both know you can't please everyone, but this way of doing business is creating a lot of unhappy customers and as for me, I will be heard! More to come.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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