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    • May 29, 2016
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    Whitening Coach

    Scam alert. Call your bank or credit card carrier to report this fraud!

    I was logging into one of my bank accounts and soon thereafter, a survey for Citizens Bank (my bank) about customer service appeared. Next thing you know I was given the option of choosing a extremely discounted "prize" for taking the time to give my bank a review. The same day (5/20/2016) I paid for the shipping and after reading and taking photos of the "Risk Free Trial" I decided that is all I needed to do and that I could cancel. I called to cancel the said order of Whitening Coach and the Representative refused to cancel and told me they would charge me $10 for shipping if I canceled (as if I was aware of extra charges).

    I called my bank and told them that my account was being compromised and I needed them to look at it. They charged me the agreed amount of $3.87. I was fine with that but was afraid they would charge me what I was basically threatened I would be charged. I look at my account today (5/24/2016) and see a pending change of $94.31!

    I'm upset because I didn't give permission for them to charge me after continuously calling to cancel the miniature sample. Later I called my bank and reported the theft! Since it's pending, my bank was able to cancel my card and have me go get a new one. These people have called me literally 5-6 times per day since the order. It's a Miami, Florida based number, though I assume they're transferred from a foreign call center in India or Pakistan due to their heavy accents. Every call has that same accent!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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