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    • Feb 25, 2015
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    Undercover Tourist

    Undercover Tourist BEWARE

    Overall Experience:

    Don’t order tickets from this company, for several reasons. I cannot begin to explain how disappointed I was with my experience with Undercover Tourist. I ordered my tickets to Disney World at 1:30 CST on Thursday, 02/12/15 at 1:26 PM, and I only ordered them from Undercover Tourist because they advertise on their website “E-Ticket Delivery”, it also states “Please allow at least 72 hours for processing before arrival.” Had the site not stated 72 hours, I would have just bought them from the ticket stand at Disney! With 72 hours, that would put my delivery NO LATER than 1:26 PM on Sunday, 02/15/15. I even called after I placed my order and the girl said you should receive them within 24 hours, everyone usually gets them within 24 hours, and I thought well that’s great, cause we are arriving in Disney on Sunday 02/15/15, and I would love to have the whole day at the park, but if it takes the 72 hours, then I should be in the park by 1:30 that day.

    Well, 24 hours passed by and no tickets, so I called Undercover Tourist again, and she said don’t worry they will come in, they are “Processing”. So at 48 hours I called again and she said that no one has ever had a problem with this before they should arrive overnight and be in my email the next morning. So, I figured If no one had a problem before that it should be ok. So I wake up the next morning and still NO TICKETS! I called and she said wait until 1:30 CST (which would be the 72 hours) before they could do anything. So I waited until 1:30 CST as she told me to do and still not tickets, I call again and she says that they will be available at Will Call on Monday. I explained the only reason I bought these was the 72 hour E-Ticket or I would have bought them at Disney in person. There was nothing she could do, she said the office was closed (I had called their emergency after hours number), my boyfriend spoke to her as well and we got nowhere.

    So now we have 3 kids who are at Disney World but can’t go in, truly a nightmare! She called me back and said they would refund our card on Monday morning for the ticket amount and that we could just go to the parks and buy the tickets. She said it would take 3-5 days for the refund to go through. Now, who has an extra $2000 just laying around to fork out for more tickets. I basically called them thieves, my hands were tied and at this point everyone including the kids are very upset! I spoke to the Customer Service Agent at the Disney hotel we were staying in and she said she had heard so many bad things about Undercover Tourist and that many guests had problems with them. She said Disney could not help me since the tickets were bought through Undercover Tourist. At around 6:00 CST the tickets showed up in my email, and we went to the parks. Probably around the 3rd day we went to the front desk to link my boyfriends band to our charging account, after a few minutes of the agent looking through the computer she asked if we had any problems getting into the parks, I guess the tickets didn’t seem legit, she told us not to mess with anything if we hadn’t had any problems because something wasn’t right. So I just have to wonder what kind of scam this company is running! Beware and don’t buy your tickets from them no matter how many good reviews you have read, don’t let this ruin your trip!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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