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    • Jun 25, 2016
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    Fat Diminisher System

    Is it a Trick or a Treat?? Correct answer: TRICK!

    Even a high schooler, who took a basic consumer Ed class, could figure out that this is a scam, in about 5 minutes. I'd also give it negative stars. Really that video was quite impressive! I had only once before this, seen a perfect example of a mock-up advertisement that used every, single kind, of false appeal tactic created to will a consumer's allegiance to a product or "plan". This video and the Tai Lopez video about making more money, were perfect, and I mean immaculate in every appeal they presented. This is the only reason I actually watched the whole thing and boy was it comical. Although knowing after minute 5 that this was the definition of a scam, at some points I did feel myself wanting it even though I'm a healthy weight! It was that good! I mean they had, empathy for the mother he happened to see crying in a church for him to be the Saviour in her life.

    Next, they had him being qualified to talk about this because, he claims to be a military trainer (which is unprovable, conveniently). Then the fact that he said that it was backed up by a man from Thailand who claimed he knew the secret and whispered it into his ear only. Also that the herbs he researched in "Harvard" before he went to "Iran" happened to come from Asian countries that are acclaimed to be healthy. Then he made it seem that we were the only ones getting this information making us have a feeling of lucky to find it. Then drilling the claims of what it apparently did using the tactic of repetition for about 30 minutes of useless garble. Next introducing us to its broad array of "evidence" of its success. Made up of doodles of a woman being happy, pictures of literally random people who sat in a picture without even a shirt proving what they're doing, those darn healthy Asian countries, some before and after picture of random people, and the number of idiots who followed him. He made it look like he was an underdog who decided to go meet Ellen to help the people and pointed fingers at corporations for hiding his "miracle".

    He was even low enough to tie it to being Christian and Christianity just happens to be the largest religion. He made you think it was a limited time offer by using the time scare tactic. Then he EVEN OFFERED YOU and only you that day a DISCOUNT. Oh dear lord! I'm a senior in high school and I figured it out. Really this was a joke. It was literally just amusing to watch and analyze. Apologies for the length, but all in all watch out consumers or they'll glue you to their products and leave sad, depressed, fatter, and bankrupt!D:

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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