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    • Jul 9, 2016
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    Total Body Reboot

    I feel like this is a Scam

    I purchased 3 personal coaching sessions for $225.00. I received my first session by Kevin Geary who called me 20 minutes late. During the call he seemed disinterested (going through the motions). Never the less, I was excited to start my journey, I signed on to his website to get food & snack info.

    I couldn't get into the snack info, I called & emailed Kevin numerous times to try to get him to email the info to me. He finally called me saying he had sent the snack info to my email. I checked my spam folder nothing was there. (I get all of Kevin's email's marketing his other products and services.) So I found it funny I hadn't received the snack email.

    I contacted him by email telling him I still haven't received. Nothing, no response. I emailed him and asked for a refund, he responded to my email asking why. I told him I did not want to discuss via email if he would like to call me I would be happy to discuss.

    He said he has been working 80 hours a week and didn't have time to call me to discuss & it had been more than 30 days and he would not refund me. I told him I was disputing charge with my credit card company. I wouldn't normally leave a negative review but he responded with such nasty emails I felt it was warranted. Terrible customer service!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • May 22, 2017

      Company Response from Rebooted Body, LLC

      Hi Denise,

      Honestly, I never quite understood what happened with our interactions. I remember that we had a great first call (which you confirmed at the time that I was very helpful, even though in your review you claim differently).

      During that call, I mentioned that I would link you to use specific resources that would help you take action. This is something I do on all of my coaching calls because execution is the most important factor in achieving results.

      I sent the resource links as I told you I would and then I received an email from you a few days later saying you never received them. I responded to that email, and you claimed you never received it. Everyone else I was working with that the time was receiving my emails. I even emailed you from a separate address and you claimed you didn't receive it. As you noted in your review, I got on the phone and called you to try and work out whatever the issue was (I still have all of the sent emails, with dates and times marked, in my records).

      I instructed you to schedule your second call as well. I never heard from you again until a few months later when you asked for a refund out of the blue.

      From my perspective, I gave you a coaching call and made multiple attempts to reconnect with you after that. You still had the link to schedule your second call and could have done so at any time (I even requested that you do so). Instead, I stopped hearing from you and then received a refund request 3 months later, which was about 3 months beyond our refund policy.

      Looking back on this, I should have continued to call you and try to get through. We never want this to happen with any of our clients.

      What you didn't disclose in your review is that you issued a chargeback via your credit card. And I suspect that the reason you decided to write this review is because we won the dispute after submitting all the evidence of our interactions to your bank. So, a third party decided that we had done everything we could to not let this happen and disallowed you from recovering the charge (which is extremely rare---companies almost always lose disputes by default).

      We would much rather still have you as a client. Or, at the very least, still be on good terms. I'm sorry that your experience was not up to our high standards.

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