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    • Jul 31, 2016
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    Simply Straight Brush

    Ethnic/African Hair

    I Bought this product with the hopes of maintaining frizz. I usually get my hair done at the salon every 2-3 weeks, NNJ/NYC girls know the drill, I go to the Dominican salon. I get a wash, deep conditioner, roller set and then usually a blow out for the straight look or pin curls, let them down later for a soft curly look. So I have used this brush a couple of times, on my straight look . Since a lot of heat is already applied to my hair at the salon, my intentions when I purchased this brush were to hope that I could use it just to smooth my hair out after I take the wrap down as my hair tends to get those crease marks from the pins, even the duck pins. I wanted to also maintain my frizzy ends. So Far so Good!

    I section my hair in setting 4 and run the brush through about 2 times and I'm done, I don't use the highest setting. I use the temperature setting somewhere in the 180s. My hair looks good. Not limp or overdone, not too flat. I don't use it everyday either. Say I go to the salon on Tuesday I might not use it until Friday, then again Sunday. So I don't use it that often for heat/damage control. I might add that I do have a relaxer, my edges are fine but the middle of my hair is thick and medium length.

    I don't know if I would use it if I'm I'm in the period leading up to needing a relaxer, (all my ethnic sisters know what I'm mean, so it's kind of hard to explain) I don't think I would use if if my hair were wet or air-dried either, just because of the type of hair I have.

    So over all I give this product 4 stars because it met my expectations of what i was trying to achieve, plus I knew I had some limitations from the start. My only concern is cleaning, the plate is not removable, So I'm wondering when product had built up in the bristles and burned hair that may be a issue. So I only plan to use it on my hair when its the cleanest. Hope this Helps my AA/latina/Caribbean/bi-racial sisters out. Hopefully I left no one out.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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