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    • Aug 14, 2016
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    Whitening Coach

    Huge Scam

    I did a survey online and was offered a free trial product of Whitening Coach supposedly worth $200. Right off the bat they asked for $1.03, I forget for what exactly, and then an additional $3.87 for shipping. I was then prompted if I also wanted to order samples of another product from Genuine White, another company, but at the time I was under the impression that it was the name of a product that went with the teeth whitening product I was already ordering, kind of like how a brand of toothpaste will recommend that you also use their mouthwash for better results.

    This idea that these were the same company was reinforced by the fact that these samples even came in the same box. Anyway, I was also charged $1.03 + $3.87 for this new sample of essentially the same thing, just a different company. I read the small print of one of the confirmation emails and noticed it said they would automatically enroll me in the monthly subscription - no, thank you. I emailed the customer service email provided, only to get a mailer daemon the next day - um, what? I went directly to the website to cancel this subscription before I was charged, and was then charged a cancelation fee of $9.41 for "products we've already shipped to you." You mean my supposedly FREE SAMPLES?

    Unfortunately, as for Genuine White, I did not realize that they were an entirely separate entity, with their own stupid monthly subscription that I was of course automatically enrolled in, until I found a charge of $92.13 on my credit card. After that realization, I went to their separate website which was designed similar, if not just like, the Whitening Coach website (I wonder if that's to trick people into thinking they're dealing with the same vendor, like me), and canceled, which oddly I wasn't charged for like I thought I would be since Whitening Coach did.

    I have since filed a dispute with my credit card company, letting them know exactly what happened and why I didn't cancel the subscription before charges went through. I let them know that the charge was unauthorized, and that I have not received anything else besides their samples. They have refunded my money, for now, but they also say that Genuine White has 45 days to show proof that the charge was valid. It's been 15 days, and I haven't received anymore messages from my credit card company on the subject. Hopefully the message got lost in the mail like my customer service email did.

    As for these samples - might as well keep them and try them out. They already have my money, and I doubt that sending these back will do anything. So far I've used the Whitening Coach one three times, since I've already canceled their thing and closed communication. All I got was the gel pens, which you have to continue smiling for 15 minutes after putting this stuff on your teeth.

    After all is said and done... you might as well go to the dentist and spend $100 to get your teeth professionally whitened. It'll yield better results, and is less of a hassle. This offer was too good to be true. DO NOT GET YOURSELF INTO THIS.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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