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    • Sep 6, 2016
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    Stay away please

    First I never applied to this company, don't need a loan and they called me asking me about it. Did some fishing around and was seeing what they wanted. First they wanted me to go to Walgreens and get a prepaid card of like $250 for security deposit. I told them nah, I'm not doing that. Then he said he's going to just hit my account for the money, I told them no.

    Then about a month later I get relentless calls saying I'm being sued by them for 5 grand, that the money was deposited to my account on August 5th and they said it's due the next day, plus interest. That's not a loan company. I've never heard of the amount being due the next day.

    I've never signed anything, then he said you don't have to sign it. Well I never agreed to anything nor accepted it. After he told me he had my account number, wire number, even my bank card number. I called and had my my bank account closed for security reasons. Please run away from these people, they will do harm to your financial life.

    After I had my account closed I was called today by my bank asking me why I was trying to deduct money from a closed account and pull it out of an ATM and transfer money under the name of cash advance in New York. I've never been there not even close to there.

    They print cards in your name and write bad checks stealing from you or others, ripping people off.

    They have a middle eastern accent, the guy who called me had a name Kevin, with heavy accent.

    This guy actually read me Miranda rights, you know what the cops tell you when they arrest you. He claimed he was attorney. I told him well what is the account about, he said we can't tell you until I get the information tomorrow, we're just going to sue you for fraud, theft and something else I can't really remember. Then he told me that they were going to have the local police department come and arrest me. Where I live, there is no local police department just sheriff, the guy obviously has no clue what he's trying to do or what he's saying. He told me the amount which they are trying to receive and told me the date that it was deposited into my account and told me that because of the terms I agreed to it was due the very next day. I also found the number to be from New York, where the fraud was taking place and the wire withdrawal. They are thieves and scam artists.

    After I told him I found out who his company was and what they were doing to people he said you don't talk down about my company like that. And I said I thought you said you were an attorney representing this company, he said no I work with this company, I'm one of the account holdings representatives. Then I told him so you just told me you were an attorney, and he got very blunt and very rude with me. Obviously all they do is scam people. Please stay away, do not use this service. I've already reported them to the BBB and hopefully these people will be arrested soon because all they're doing is harming people's lives and they will do more harm to your life than any good. They will sell your information on the black market.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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