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    • Sep 30, 2016
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    Reputation Management does not work. Legal Action Does.

    BrandYourself does not work. I had 2 negative articles, a court record and a RipoffReport complaint on page 1. I tried the BrandYourself DIY application and it did not work, so I called them up. Brandyourself said they could get it off no problem with their “Concierge Pro Service”. I was a little alarmed when in the contract it said over and over “We do not guarantee success”, but I signed anyways.

    I paid the $6,000 for 12 months, and all they did was get 3 “properties” (free websites they signed me up for, like LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Twitter), on pages 1 and 2. The 2 negative stories are still there. So, after 1 year, they call me and ask for 6 more months and they will totally get it taken care of.

    I'm not dumb, so I said no. I asked for my money back, and they said no. Now I feel dumb, because I read online they had a money back guarantee. Turns out, they got rid of it.

    I called up a bunch of other companies, and these are my findings:

    ReputationDefender aka– I was attracted to their huge publicity and awards. But it seemed like a huge con from the first minute of talking with them. They started off with a $25k quote, then it became $15k, then $5k. Ridiculous. I stupidly signed up with them before BrandYourself, which made me discover BrandYourself through research. They didn't do a thing to help me either.

    Reputation Management Consultants – Amazing salesmen, but that's it. He said that Brandyourself only does the first step, they do steps 1-6, and that they have bots that will click on my positive stories and promote them. I finally learned to do research after being scammed by ReputationDefender and BrandYourself, and discovered they had countless complaints against them for fraud.

    SearchManipulator – I used their DIY software, but it was too labor intensive so I gave up half way. I had some slight progress however. They have a money back guarantee for infinite time, so I took them up on it, and they refunded me. The salesman Conor says they do professional services for suppression too, but he was super honest and said he didn't want to take my case on because there was no way page 1 would get completely clean. He said because there is a RipoffReport at the top of page 1, then there is a zero chance of success, no matter what company or suppression tactic is used. I wish BrandYourself told me that before they stole my money!

    GuaranteedRemovals – Really nice guy named Chris in Canada, they focus on removing articles. They work on a pay per performance basis, but you have to pay upfront. Great reviews online about them. The price tag was way outside my budget though. – A boutique shop with two attorneys, a paralegal and one salesman in San Francisco who focus on removing complaints and news articles via legal action. They work on a pay per performance basis, where you only pay if they are successful. They got both removed in 9 weeks for $7,500.

    I am not a salesman for, or even advocating them, but my advice to all of you is to hire an attorney and get it taken down permanently. Make sure to find an attorney on a pay per performance basis,

    It seems like suppression only works if your negative stories are already on page 2, and you want it back a few more pages.

    There are so many complaints on all of these reputation firms, and the fact that SearchManipulator and GuaranteedRemovals are the only ones with money back guarantees left, it isn't worth rolling the dice with these scummy companies who merely promise success. Yeah, it's cool Brandyourself was on SharkTank, but that doesn't mean they won't steal your money too.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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