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    • Oct 15, 2016
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    Lily Flying Camera

    Crowd funding people's hobby

    I was one of those who was duped into backing the development of this with the promise of delivery in February 2016 (over a year away at that point).

    Since then, things have slipped several times and info from Lily HQ is becoming increasingly frustrating. I've backed projects like this before and am fully aware that things may not go exactly to plan; that's the risk you take.

    However, Lily seem to be taking the mickey and it seems clear that the product/prototype was nowhere near the development stage they pretended it was when they solicited pre-orders.

    Rather than providing professional, contrite updates, all that backers get are flippant, upbeat mailshots bragging about what fun the development team is having endlessly tinkering with this gadget at our expense.

    Whilst I have nothing against a bunch of student hobbyists having a great time, I resent being duped into paying for them to do so.

    My advice to anyone looking for a camera such as this is to go for something else or, at the very least, wait until this one is in stock and shipping (if that ever happens) before you part with any money.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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