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    • Oct 16, 2016
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    Haven't tried the paid services, yet

    I'm still deciding if I should upgrade from the free service, so I'm just going through reviews. Quick thing to mention, I was attacked online for making a political comment in 2015, got tracked down by one very dedicated person who backtracked my aliases and found me on Facebook. The doing of one Internet Troll REALLY hurt my name, my company's name, my online profile, etc. I've spent over a year burying it, and it's only been mildly successful, I just got down to only have one bad mark on Google's first page.

    It's pretty difficult to remove bad stuff that was published on a website, I have done it before, but only because one website owner reached out to me for comment and realized that I was the victim of a Hoax. I'm mixed on Ripoff Report's commitment, however it goes without saying: Ripoff Report prides themselves on the idea that they will never take down a review (even obvious slander/hoax), and they have never lost a court case.

    It's best to accept that what's on the internet is FOREVER. The only thing you can do is bury, bury, bury, and hope a lot of people have the same name as you (they don't for me), but luckily, someone with my same name was just arrested in Texas. Since he is obviously not even close to looking like me, I'll accept this as a good thing because it also buries any bad stuff about me.

    What I have done, so far: I re-activated all my social media accounts, and created a lot of new ones. Pop on every so often to post random nonsense that your average social media butterfly would post. Linkedin is squeaky clean and updated, created a bunch of blogs with my name in the title, subject and url to show off my photography. I name drop myself in any online post that is non-controversial. I bought up 5 domains with my name in it and created a ton of sub-domains. Basically, I flood the internet with ME, and as much good stuff as possible.

    From using Brand Yourself, it seems, more or less, to be just a tool to monitor all of the above stuff that I have already done. It's all in one place. It feels a bit like like a credit-monitoring tool, you still have to do all the hard work, yourself. Still, I like having all of my positive/negative results laid out in one spot, like a Control Panel to show how the internet paints a portrait of me. And that's just using the free tool. I'm still reading and debating if I would be at an advantage to pay for their more powerful services.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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