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    • Oct 28, 2016
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    Miracle CBD Tincture

    Relief for me and Fido

    I ordered the capsules and tincture, I got relief from joint pain. I also did notice a better nights sleep, I usually get up several times a night, and feel very tired in the morning. However, after using the capsules (they no longer carry BTW) I found a more restful sleep. My senior dog has an arthritic hip. He usually gets very stiff and tends to just isolate himself from our other two younger dogs. When I noticed he was not eating that is when I really became concerned, he is a big eater and doggie treat type of dog. His regular meds of Glucosamine and aspirin were not giving him any relief so I decided to try a CBD capsule with a peanut butter treat, I knew that would at least get his interest. The next day I did another and I noticed his appetite, came back and the limp was better. Then after day 4 the limp was gone. I got my doggie back playing with his pack. I am so convinced this has indeed helped me and my dog that I am seriously looking into learning more about the industry and promoting it for animal health. Not everyone can take opioids, like myself I am allergic to many medications and have adverse side effects to narcotics normally prescribed to people for pain. I have nothing against anyone that chooses to use narcotics or opioids to combat their pain if that is their choice. However, for me, it is more natural to go this Cannabinoid route, with no "high" effects, but still obtained some relief. I really hope they bring back the capsules, much easier to take than the tincture.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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