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    • Nov 8, 2016
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    Lear Capital

    Befriend, Educate, Mislead, but get their money

    When I contacted Lear Capital, my concern was the probable collapse of our economy. I wanted to possess silver, which I could use for barter in case our money lost its value. Money in hand, not in a bank vault. If the economy were to collapse, there wouldn't be anyone to deliver it since they wouldn't be getting paid, themselves.

    Gary (Rickets, Rickett, I don't remember) was the person I dealt with. He educated me about silver, etc. He's good. I'm grateful for the knowledge I gained. I was rolling over $17,000. I wanted "rounds", or "bullion". However, when the time came to purchase, I somehow let him convince me that what I wanted was the "collectible" Canadian polar bears. He even "threw in" 8 of them for free.

    I had quite a shock when I got my first quarterly statement. The value of the account was $8,500. That was half of what I invested. I was told that that was the "melt down value". Basically the "spot" value. So, IF I can find someone to buy them, and IF they're willing to pay the premium value like I did, I can make my money back. Not likely to happen. The market has to double just for me to break even.

    $8,500. I feel it was stolen from me. I don't have any use for a thief.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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