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    • Nov 30, 2016
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    Prices not accurate nor are they really good prices.

    Overall Experience:

    After spending three months comparing prices on used automobiles from three different neighboring states, I have come to the well-educated opinion that TrueCar is just not a good vehicle to achieve a good pricing point when buying an automobile.

    The 600 pound gorilla in this deal here is the hidden fees. Now before you begin to wonder about hidden fees, the cost to use the service is paid by the dealer that you get your price from. However, that dealer has to pay a fee in order to sell you a car, so if you just walk up off the street without using a referral website, then you could conceivably come out ahead of where you might be should you be referred by another entity. We know there is no free lunch people, if a car dealer pays a fee to sell you a car, in the end, you're the guy or gal that pays the fee, so in essence you're paying to get a price tag that might not be as good as you could get should you do the research like I did.

    I included TrueCar in my research, along with thousands of other websites, direct to dealer sites, other sites and the prices were within a few thousand dollars, but all in all TrueCar was slightly higher. And remember just because everyone else is paying more for a car than what they should pay, does that mean you have to do the same thing, just because an average price is presented is that a good price? I really do not care what someone else pays for a vehicle, it's all about what I pay. So with all that in mind, when shopping for a car or a truck I found that the TrueCar service presents premium prices before presenting filtered search results, (thus pushing certain deals ahead of what you are looking for). All in all it's not compelling or even interesting.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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