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    • Dec 21, 2016
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    Dutch Glow

    Not what I expected

    Overall Experience:

    Over a year ago I was shopping at Home Depot. While I was in the furniture cleaning and polish section of Home Depot, I was looking for a product to clean and polish my ANTIQUE furniture items.

    For example, I have an old 100+ year old wooden box with a beveled mirror and is rather cute that hangs on the wall. It has its dark stain and has a very dull shine to the finish.

    When it hung in my mother's bathroom the shine had more luster. Since I've owned it and appreciate its simplicity and age, it became dull over the years.

    When I saw the Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk, I remembered the commercials for the product and decided to give it a go. So I bought 2 bottles of the item. I left and headed home.

    A week later I decided to use the Amish Wood Milk and followed the simple directions on how to apply, polish and use the product.

    I had an old clean t-shirt and applied a small amount in an area on the back. I applied the cream to the t-shirt and rubbed it on. Then after about a minute later, I used another clean cloth to buff and polish the item.

    Yes, the first t-shirt I used got dirty because of the dust and dirt that had built up over the years. While I was buffing the backing of my antique, it seemed ok at first, only because I figured, “Who's going to look at the back of this item? No one really except for myself.”

    There was a slight shine, but it didn't have that luster end shine. I turned the item to face me and decided to apply the wood milk to the top lid of the box.

    As I was buffing the top lid, I noticed that the shine was dull and it didn't seem to feel clean to the touch as I slid my fingers along the top of the lid. The only positive thing I noticed was that it did take off the dirt that accumulated over a period of time. As for the shine of bringing it back to its luster, it didn't do the job. So I was a bit disappointed, and figured, “You get what you pay”. Thank goodness I didn't pay a lot.

    When I applied Pledge Old English Wood Polish with a lemon scent, it brought back the shine I was looking for. Thanks for reading my review on Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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