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    • Dec 24, 2016
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    Beard Czar

    Scam? Nah. Just read the fine print, and stand your ground!

    Okay, I have a real hard time calling Beard Czar a scam in any way. I don't work for them, I don't like them, and I think the product sucks.

    But when I signed up for the free 14-day trial, it was made abundantly clear to me that I had 14 days from the time I clicked send to cancel that 2nd shipment. If I did not, I would be charged $89.99 per bottle until I did cancel (or until Beard Czar goes out of business, it won't be long).

    I waited until I knew the shipment had arrived, then called to cancel. I was first told that they could offer me my monthly shipment at half the price ($44.95), I declined, saying I wanted to try the product before committing any further funds.

    When I pushed to cancel, the gentleman on the phone told me I needed to send the bottle back (keep note of this for later) otherwise, it costs 50 dollars to cancel because I have received a bottle of Beard Czar already. I told him that was not the case.

    I said I read the fine print, and the first bottle costs me $4.95 and that was it. He then offered to cancel me for 30 dollars. I said no. He then offered to cancel me for 10 dollars (see a pattern here, they want money, no matter how much) and I explained to him it's not about the ten dollars, it's about the fact that nowhere in the fine print does it say that I have to pay for the first bottle.

    I read everything twice before giving my info. I am aware of all types of scams, I never even pay attention to things like this, but my beard is of particular importance.

    I read everything twice and the only fee I would have to pay after the initial $4.95 was the $89.99/month if I did not cancel within 14 days. I simply told him again, “It's not about the money, it's that you have no legal authorization to charge my card”. He then said, “I've processed your cancellation, your card will not be charged again.”

    Sidenote: I received a 60 pill bottle, with only 45 capsules inside. My biggest concern with Beard Czar at the moment is not that they are scamming people, but rather that they are making people send the bottles back who try to cancel and then re-sending them to new customers. How any company could put 60 capsules in the bottle and send a customer 45 is beyond me.

    I contacted the company, they are sending me bottle 2, free of charge, no subscription re-activation necessary. But the 45 capsule thing really has me bothered.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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