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    • Jan 6, 2017
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    ACE Cash Express

    B.S. Company

    If possible, I would give them a negative 100. They are the WORST company to deal with EVER!

    I needed to refinance my loan because I wasn't ready to make my payment, so I went online to do so, as the email instructed. Their website makes no sense whatsoever and is not user-friendly at all.

    I tried to select the option for me to pay the minimum possible and was not sure if I had done it correctly or not. I called their customer service line and spoke with a representative. I informed her of what I needed and that I was not sure if I had done the request correctly or not. She explained that I had done it correctly (after asking if I wanted to refinance or to extend, I said I wanted to do whichever got me to make the payment next month and not the next day, she said this was to refinance, which is what I had done) and I didn't need to worry.

    She stated all that would be taken were service fees, which would be between $150-$200. And I asked her AGAIN if she was sure it was all completed and done correctly and if there was nothing I needed to do further, and she assured me that it was all taken care of.

    Well, the next day, what do you know? The full loan amount and service fees were deducted from my account. It didn't cause an overdraft, but it left me with nothing to pay other bills I needed to pay. Obviously, I called immediately to rectify this only to get another rep who says there is nothing that can be done since the loan was paid in full.

    Excuse me, but is it my fault your company messed up? NO! She was not sympathetic or apologetic in the least minimal bit. She had an attitude that reflected she could care LESS for the misfortunes her peer had caused me. She informed me I had called to cancel the refinance and that I hung up on the rep. I did no such thing!

    I informed her this was incorrect, and her response was that this was what was notated by that same representative. I am telling you she screwed up my account and you are going to call me a liar and say that your coworker could not have possibly messed up? How DARE you.

    I requested a supervisor, and she essentially said the same thing as the previous representative. The only thing she did different was give me an email to submit my grievance where I could POSSIBLY get this corrected. POSSIBLY? After the terrible customer service I have received every step of the way? And why did your representative not offer that email to me?I understand there are certain things supervisors can do that regular representatives can't do, but providing an email address is not one of them. Why does this company and representatives not do ANYTHING to assist customers they have screwed over?

    I sent the email and they said they would refund any overdraft fees I received and asked me to verify my account. I have verified it several times and they keep asking me to do it again, but either way, I am not asking for overdraft fees back, I'm asking for the loan amount to be reversed! How hard is this to do?

    I did not mess up in ANY way. They can pull up my recorded phone call and CLEARLY see what has been done incorrectly by their representative. Explain again, why do I have to pay for their mistakes?

    I've never had such a TERRIBLE experience with a loan company such as this one. Do NOT get a loan from here, they will screw you over and not care when they mess up, and you have to pay for their mistakes! They will screw you over, and with the WORST customer service in the entire world.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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