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    • Jul 23, 2015
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    Setting things straight: SimpliSafe is simply the best

    "What complaints there are tend to focus on bulky/overly large sensors…” I moved from an ADT system to SimpliSafe. The entry sensors are larger than ADT's but not by much. The motion detectors are smaller than ADT's were. Everything else is comparable.

    “…frequent false alarms…” Chalk that up to inexperience. Every security system generates false alarms, some more than SimpliSafe’s. It’s an aggravation you have to put up with if you want security.

    “…faulty equipment…” In my experience, SimpliSafe’s equipment is actually more reliable than most.

    “…and poor customer support.” “Overwhelmingly positive customer sentiment”—your words—would seem to belie this. A look at the readily available public blogs would provide some actual data. Can that be said about any of SimpliSafe’s competitors? You have to wonder why not.

    “SimpliSafe claims their security systems use wireless technology…” Instead of stating this as a “claim,” as if there’s some reason to doubt it, why not do due diligence and check it out? I own a SimpliSafe system. It’s wireless, as has been the case for several years. SimpliSafe is a pioneer in the area of wirelessly-connected systems.

    “It’s important to note here that emergency dispatch, ‘professional’ monitoring, and tech features such as phone alerts come at an additional cost.” As is the case with every single security system provider. What isn’t noted is the important fact that SimpliSafe provides these at the lowest cost among all providers. Why gloss over this fact? And why put “professional” in quotes, again implying that you doubt it?

    “In fact, in order to receive full smartphone capabilities, you must subscribe to the most expensive monitoring package.” As is the case with every other security system provider.

    “However, all SimpliSafe monitoring comes without the requirement of signing a contract, and can be cancelled at any time without incurring additional fees.” As is definitely NOT the case with all other security system providers. In fact, some make their customers sign 3- and 5-year contracts, with fees ranging up to $199 per month. That’s nearly $12000 over the life of the contract!

    In sum:

    - Do research before writing. Merely quoting hearsay doesn’t do anyone much service.

    - When you emphasize that the company “claims” things, put product features and benefits in quotation marks, and omit very pertinent facts, it appears that you have a bias against the company and/or its product.

    - Upshot: just stick with the facts.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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