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    • Feb 15, 2017
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    Pain relief after using product!

    I have severe back injuries, with a bone (or spine fragment) pressing in my L4-5 (12mm by 8mm, largest rupture doctor ever saw without being paralyzed) when I 1st injured myself in 2002! I got diabetes in 2004, and I have been in a never ending extreme pain cycle since then; had OMT therapy for 12 years straight, been in walkers, crutches, and a cane until very recently.

    Many doctors wanted to operate and fuse my spine, I have severe spine stenosis and have been on every opiate and pain relief medicine known to man and doctors. The pain from my back, left hip, thigh, leg down to my foot has been so extreme at times that I want to cry (and I have)!

    I was going to buy a Quell machine, but a few days ago I was in CVS and noticed this product for $14.99, and it looked like the same theory as the Quell at a much cheaper price, so I said what the heck, and bought it! The next morning at 2:45 AM I woke up screaming with pain, sharp unbearable pain shooting down my left hip, thigh, leg and foot, and a flamethrower on my leg at those specified areas!

    I fumbled around for the product, found it, took a few minutes to figure it out (yes, very vague and limited instructions and only on the box, nothing more specific inside the box!), got it on, adjust the belt accordingly and the pain subsided immediately! It's the first time I've had relief since 2002.

    No one is paying me to do this, I don't own stock and am not profiting from this post. I have since sent this info on the product to all my friends and relatives suffering from such pain. My medical issues are ten-fold and are all relating to my back, leg issues, and my inactivity, causing diabetes and pain! Try it out at your own risk, but, to get off all that toxic peripheral neuropathy and pain meds is a blessing in itself!

    Thank the good Lord (and I do). I would do an endorsement for the manufacturer if they wanted me to, and with my medical issues, it would be understood! God is good.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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