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    • Feb 19, 2017
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    Not a scam but not detailed either

    Overall Experience:

    I have gathered pertinent information with the use of SpyFly.

    As with all searches, it is limited in both accurate current information, as well as complete data. For instance, with the criminal background checks, it comes up with only a few, and it doesn't differentiate between a felony and a traffic ticket. But does include, if available, county, date, offense (and the code at times), as well as the case number.

    If you are serious at doing a background check, first of all, you don't take everything at face value. Verify the information and while verifying, you will learn other tidbits and leads for more information.

    You people are a bunch of whiners. Use the info they give you as a stepping stone to more information. It is out there. Why do you think these companies exist? A specific Google search of only certain databases, records, institutions, and many other specific details will give you so much. This is work people. There is so much information gathered on each of us that it would fill a novel. The bad guys? An encyclopedia of info.

    So that is my bottom line. Use any "people search" as a foundation and go from there. They are a bit pricey, though, and there are more accurate agencies and services out there, AND it is impossible to unsubscribe without getting your credit company involved. THAT in itself is what is the deciding factor.

    Now I would like to say a bit about's review of this company. Very very poor job. I do many types of checks and rechecks on things, IPs, domains, people, addresses, any kind of record, and I do NOT make an opinion until it is verified. I do commend you for being upfront in the fact that you have never even tried the service you are reviewing, though. And allowed consumer reviews as well. So you're not all that bad in my book. But please, to be taken seriously, even to myself, I verify anything I gather. By at least one other source if possible. If I cannot verify, I either don't include that fact, or I disclose that the fact is unverified. Bottom Line: I would not recommend them to a friend for the simple reason of subscription cancellation problem. They have a search engine of their own and a database that is probably self-perpetuating and requires very little intervention as it is all freely available with the right query. They utilize that technology, as they are allowed to, in order to make money. Better then Phishing as they may know about that too. Disclaimer: I have verified nothing in this review except my own experiences and success as well as failure using SpyFly

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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