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    • Feb 21, 2017
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    Side effects of NeuroCell I experienced

    I am a 56-year-old male. I had not been experiencing any sort of mental decline. I just wanted to try this product to see its effects. I ordered a three-month supply, and then later ordered another three-month supply. Now I don't want to finish my last bottle.

    After taking my first pill of NeuroCell, I awoke the next day with a very clear and relaxed mind. I had been living in "clutter," and I immediately could see what I needed to do, which was clean up my surroundings. So I immediately set to work and rearranged my room and cleaned out my house of all this stuff that had accumulated. NeuroCell did make my mind clearer. I was able to think very well. I had no brain fog. So I originally gave this product a great review.

    But now I can tell you about the side effects that accompany the consumption of this product. I stopped taking this supplement for several weeks. Also, I had started taking another product (Ormus). Previously when just taking NeuroCell, I quickly found that my sleeping habits changed dramatically. Some nights I wouldn't sleep at all; other nights I slept for only three hours or so. I was not tired, and I did not miss the sleep. Also, at the time, my digestion seemed to change so that I would eat, and then my food would just seem to stay in my stomach for a very long time so that I felt full, or overfull most of the time.

    When I stopped taking NeuroCell, eventually my digestion returned to a better state, and so did my sleep. It wasn't until this morning that I can write this review, as I decided, after a brief hiatus, to take a single pill yesterday. Prior to yesterday, my sleep had become wonderful, and my digestion had become better. But after taking just a single pill yesterday, I ate a single meal, and I still feel full the next day, as if my digestion had slowed, just the same as when I had been taking NeuroCell regularly.

    And also, last night, after having been enjoying marvelous sleep every night over the last several weeks (sans NeuroCell), last night was like before; I just laid there the whole night, never really going into any sort of deep sleep. I am not tired, and I am just not refreshed.

    This is how I can write about my effects over this nine-month period of taking NeuroCell. If I ever get to the point of not being able to think clearly, then I would consider taking this supplement again. My thinking is fine. It's my digestion and sleeping that suffered, but I wasn't sure of this until stopping the product and then taking it again.

    I would definitely recommend this product to someone who has difficulty thinking. It will definitely improve thinking from the very first pill. I just wanted to share these important side effects that go along with taking this supplement.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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