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    • Mar 2, 2017
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    Perfect Smile Veneers

    Total junk!

    I bought these veneers with hopes of looking good for an upcoming job interview. Of course, I was anxious and looking forward to making the best impression I could in order to obtain my dream job in advertising.

    When these teeth came in the mail, I was happy with hopes of looking good. I did everything as instructed (boiling until the adhesive was clear and waiting 10 to 15 minutes afterward), and slowly my enthusiasm turned to feelings of doom when trying to "fit" these teeth. They were a little loose and would not adhere as advertised.

    I did everything that I could think of when my doomed feelings went to desperate. I even opted for drying my teeth and utilizing super glue (in certain areas).

    Well, the day came for my interview. I put on my suit and shined my shoes. I dried my teeth, put super glue in those particular areas, and put those damn things in my mouth. Now, prior to this day, the longest I had a PERFECT SMILE in my mouth was only for a couple of minutes. So now here I am, with extra super glue dripping from my dried teeth, and mounting these damn things in my mouth. Uncomfortable, the stinging smell of super glue going up into my nasal passages, and not to mention the awful taste! Yuk. All of which I will not forget anytime soon.

    Okay, I get to my interview 30 minutes early, and so I went to the bathroom after checking in with the receptionist to make sure everything looked good. I stood there looking in the mirror. My suit was nice and creased, my hair was just right, but then that's when I immediately noticed my lips! My lips had swollen from the superglue that I used to keep these damn teeth in my mouth. Not only were my lips swollen, but I also looked quite buck-tooth as heck!

    I tried pulling those teeth from my mouth! I couldn't get the damn things out. I yanked, tugged, pulled, and prayed, but they were not budging. Oh great! What was I suppose to do? My interview was now 15 minutes away, and I was looking like a character from "the Simpsons!"

    Like a trooper, I went into the interview room and met with my prospective boss. As we sat there, with questions being directed at me regarding past work experiences, he never looked away from my mouth. He stared at my mouth as each question was being dealt with and his eyes never left that area. Inside I was feeling self-conscious of my teeth, and I just wanted to scream, but I continued. Over an hour later the torture (in my mind it was) finally came to an end. We shook hands, and I was told that I may hear back within a couple of weeks, but his eyes stayed looking at my lips.

    After leaving the interview, I jumped in the car and raced home. I wanted these things out! They were hurting, and the nasty taste of superglue was still quite evident.

    While racing home, it was my luck to have a police officer pull me over for speeding (200 feet from my front door). When the officer came to my open car window, I heard, "License, registration, and insurance please." I fumbled around the glove box and got all that was requested of me. As I handed the officer my license, he looked at it and then at me, and asked if everything was okay. He further asked if I was having a medical episode, possibly a bee sting (and thinking I was allergic), due to the enormous size of my lips. I told him that I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate earlier (I know I lied, but I was hoping for him to let me go without a ticket while feeling sorry for me), but after saying that, he immediately called for an ambulance to come by and either see if I was okay or to transport me to the hospital.

    While trying to convince the officer that I was okay, the ambulance came roaring in, the paramedics jumped out, and before I knew it, I was laying down on the ground. I had a blood pressure cuff on one arm, a paramedic on my other arm checking my pulse, and yet another one with a flashlight checking my pupil dilation. Before I could say "Ouch," I was getting a Benadryl shot in my arm! Then one paramedic asked me if I felt the need to be transported to the nearest ER, I replied that I was feeling better (again another lie). After signing the documents that the paramedics provided me, the ambulance departed, and the officer let me go.

    When I finally got into the house, I ran into the bathroom with my bottle of superglue remover and dumped it in my mouth. I swirled and gurgled this nasty liquid, and I repeated this over and over, for at least 45 minutes, before those damn veneer teeth (by Perfect Smile Vaneers) came loose enough to pull out.

    Talk about a crazy day! And it all started with this idea of trying to make my teeth look better and make a good impression by ordering this crappy item.

    The swelling in my mouth lasted for almost a few days before I felt "normal looking" enough to leave my apartment. This is the last time I ever, and I do mean EVER order junk like that from a television commercial.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Dec 4, 2017
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    Diamond Z4


    I purchased this ring (both rings) with hopes of winning my girlfriend's heart on a forever basis. When the ring showed up in the mail, I was excited. The ring looked beautiful. The sparkle was magnificent and the colors in the setting looked like fire. In all honesty, I was awed!

    I gave it to my girlfriend, while on bended knee, and I popped the question as I pulled out this ring set. Her eyes widened and without hesitation, she screamed, "Yes!" It was a moment I'll never forget. All of my dreams were coming true and I was the happiest guy in the whole world! Nothing could be better, but soon enough, all of my world would come crashing down.

    After about two weeks of wearing this ring set, Linda noticed the silver plating was starting to deteriorate. Of course, when I gave Linda the ring, I did not tell her that it was merely silver plated nor the diamond was CZ. Rather, I told her that everything was real (as it looked real when I got it in).

    After another few days, the "stones" started to loosen and a few of them fell out. It was so disappointing, and my heart plunged to the ground when my Linda exclaimed that she no longer loved me. She said that her worth was much more than a crappy, imitation diamond ring and that since my ring was junk, she decided to move out.

    Months later, after working my butt off and saving money, I was actually able to purchase a real diamond engagement ring from Walmart. I went to Linda's parent's house with intentions on fixing my broken relationship, hoping that she would say yes again. I knocked on the door and her dad answered, and dropped the news that Linda moved in with my best friend, Frank.

    In the end, it turned out that Frank's K-Mart diamond engagement ring won over my Linda's heart.

    So would I recommend this ring to my friends? If I knew then what I know now, I would recommend this crappy ring to Frank and I would guarantee that Linda would be mine, forever.

    For anyone considering this ring, let my story be your guide on what can be expected. Go to Walmart and buy a much better ring for a little more money!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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