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    • Dec 4, 2017
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    Diamond Z4


    I purchased this ring (both rings) with hopes of winning my girlfriend's heart on a forever basis. When the ring showed up in the mail, I was excited. The ring looked beautiful. The sparkle was magnificent and the colors in the setting looked like fire. In all honesty, I was awed!

    I gave it to my girlfriend, while on bended knee, and I popped the question as I pulled out this ring set. Her eyes widened and without hesitation, she screamed, "Yes!" It was a moment I'll never forget. All of my dreams were coming true and I was the happiest guy in the whole world! Nothing could be better, but soon enough, all of my world would come crashing down.

    After about two weeks of wearing this ring set, Linda noticed the silver plating was starting to deteriorate. Of course, when I gave Linda the ring, I did not tell her that it was merely silver plated nor the diamond was CZ. Rather, I told her that everything was real (as it looked real when I got it in).

    After another few days, the "stones" started to loosen and a few of them fell out. It was so disappointing, and my heart plunged to the ground when my Linda exclaimed that she no longer loved me. She said that her worth was much more than a crappy, imitation diamond ring and that since my ring was junk, she decided to move out.

    Months later, after working my butt off and saving money, I was actually able to purchase a real diamond engagement ring from Walmart. I went to Linda's parent's house with intentions on fixing my broken relationship, hoping that she would say yes again. I knocked on the door and her dad answered, and dropped the news that Linda moved in with my best friend, Frank.

    In the end, it turned out that Frank's K-Mart diamond engagement ring won over my Linda's heart.

    So would I recommend this ring to my friends? If I knew then what I know now, I would recommend this crappy ring to Frank and I would guarantee that Linda would be mine, forever.

    For anyone considering this ring, let my story be your guide on what can be expected. Go to Walmart and buy a much better ring for a little more money!

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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