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    • Apr 3, 2017
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    Freedom Mentor

    Didn’t expect to make so much money

    I’m 24 and currently in grad school for Biology. I study, go to school and play intermural sports with most of my time and invest in real estate on the side with this company as my mentor.

    I have now been part of the program for about six months. I closed my first deal within the first three months. I got the deal under contract for $30,000 and then found an investor buyer to pay $48,000. There were no closing costs for me so the net profit was $18,000 before the 50/50 profit sharing and $9,000 went in my pocket. In my first deal alone, I about got back my entire initial investment which was amazing to me because I didn’t expect those kind of returns until after my third or fourth deal. But being able to have that done after my first, that was a special accomplishment.

    Now, being six months deep, I’ve closed a second deal as well. It’s an interesting deal. It’s one that I’ll remember for a really long time because I was able to help a family in dire need. I got the property under contract for $25,000 and my initial plan was to wholesale to an investor buyer for $30,000. Then I had a Hispanic family contact me (who seemed like very hardworking people) who could pay $28,000 at most and they invited me to their home to do the paperwork.

    This deal however, keep in mind, was my second deal. Not only was it my second deal but it is also in Spanish and Spanish is my third language. I thought it was amazing, because not only was I able to buy and sell this house in Spanish, I did it to a family who was in need because they had six grandchildren and their kids need help raising these six grandchildren. Personally, myself, I grew up the youngest of five and we had a total of 10 people in the house and it was really tough to keep the mouths fed in a house big enough for that many people.

    Once they told me about their situation and how it was hard for them to make ends meet, I cut a deal with them. I only made $3,000 when I could have made much more. But in this case, it doesn’t matter how much money I made but the relationship I built with that family. They now have a house for their two kids and their six grandchildren. For me, that really hits home because that was a scenario I was in when I was growing up. To be able to pay that forward to another family, I thought that was a beautiful experience.

    Let me talk a little bit more about the program and how much that it has helped me. What helped me tremendously was definitely finding the best deals. I had no idea about all the technology that goes into finding the most truly motivated house sellers. The fact that Freedom Mentor has it all so completely dialed in and was able to provide the technological tools for me and then show me how to use them has made all the difference. That’s the reason I was able to beat out entrenched competition that is already in my area and get to these first two deals before anyone else. Otherwise, I would be like every other "wannabee" real estate investor out there searching for deals by driving around or putting out signs or mailing letters.

    The education that I received has been profound. I’ve been reading books and blogs and watching videos on real estate investing for years. I thought I already had a good handle on things. What I’ve learned is 50, 100, almost 1,000 times fold what I though I already knew. And unlike college, which takes a very long time to recoup your initial tuition investment, I got a solid return within six months, and now I am going to continue making money month in and month out with this.

    Another thing about the program is the flexibility. As a full-time college student, 90% of my time is either at school, studying, working, or playing sports. It’s not like I have a whole lot of time to dedicate to creative real estate investing. The fact that I’ve been successful part-time makes this program even more accompanying to my lifestyle. Not only am I extremely busy with other things but I’m still able to close deals and make money part-time.

    Last but not least, I thank the entire mentoring team so much for all the help that they have given me. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for their help. Closing these two deals was awesome. I didn’t expect to make so much money. I didn’t expect any of it, really. The fact that they were there with me every step of the way, that they were extremely patient, I mean, this is all new to me. I have no experience. They have a blueprint that was just a step by step guide to follow, and it just walked me to success, and I can’t wait until I can be investing full-time and take advantage of the opportunity in front of me. Thank you, Freedom Mentor, once again.

    It seems that the only negativity about the program is coming from people who aren’t in it, so they truly have no authority to speak on it. I’m in the program and definitely recommend this program for anyone whose thinking about getting into real estate investing.

    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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    • Mar 8, 2017


      It seems like you're very supportive of this program. Why does it say on the bottom line that you wouldn't recommend it?

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