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    • Aug 11, 2015
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    Survival Life

    "Free", just pay shipping

    I signed up for the website and should have received the folding survival knife. Before I became alarmed I ordered 2 more items: hi-beam flash light - free just pay shipping of 4.95, and a spring loaded survival knife - 9.95 shipping. I have tried to contact their help number that was supposed to be 24/7 with no avail. I have sent emails to the support group and received a canned answer of we will contact you at first chance. Now the web site is down. They have charged my credit card and it's been almost 3 weeks for a 5 -7 working day delivery. I am reversing my charges after reading the BBB report, The RipOff Report, And Scambook.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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    • Oct 22, 2015


      Maybe they should give all their stuff away, and pay you to take it. Great business model my friend. Free is a relative term, and someone somewhere along the ride should have told you nothing is free. But it's free if the folding wallet knife sells for $8 with $5 shipping and handling, and all they charge you for is shipping. Were you actually hoping someone would pay the shipping to give you something for free? If so I want some of that cool aid.

      I wonder how many whiners like you there are out there? Since America put a Leninist Muslim in the highest office in the land, I guess anything is possible.

      The biggest poke (from where I stand), is that not only did you want it for free, you wanted it yesterday. You complain about the shipping costs, then about the shipping time, then threaten to reverse a $5 shipping charge that they have already paid. Wow, you are a special kind of hump.

      I've ordered for items from them now (folding wallet knives, magnesium fire starter, LED flashlight, and this week a Hoffman Rickter multi-tool), Each arrived in a reasonable period of time, and my last order the wrong multi-tool was shipped. I sent them an email and had a same day response, with five follow-on emails. They were quick to admit their mistake, said they would correct it, and told me to keep the incorrectly shipped item for my inconvenience. It took a week for the correct tool to arrive, but what was my hurry. And if I was in a hurry, I should plan in advance, and give enough time for it to arrive (with consideration for weather, etc).

      Hello McFly!

    • Oct 23, 2015

      Steve C.


      You seem pretty confident in your knowledge. Anyone over 8 years of age knows that the shipping "I paid for includes the price of the product". It does not cost $10 to ship a knife USPS. We are not talking sterling steel here. I had joined their group and was anxious to get started. I do not like some one saying it will be there in 5 days. And charging me the minute I hit enter. I also don't like a 24/7 support line saying this line is no longer in service. And the web page was not available for the information I needed. So they maybe valid or not. I am glad you were lucky. I gave them 2 weeks. You should get more facts before you criticize someone who has been scammed before. (And not over free items). The Better Business Bureau had to get my charges reversed.

      By any chance do you work for them?

    • Oct 23, 2015

      Steve C.

      Randy #2.

      As for me being a whiner. Writing the facts down as they occurred is reporting a site that thousands may fall for, if it is a scam. You and your know it all attitude probably put the Muslim Marxist into office the first time. Why don't you get a pair and quit showing your egotism to the whole world. There was no reason for a reply like you made. Were you born in Texas or something?

    • Oct 26, 2015


      Your post is it's own self-criticism. I'm certain the world waits baited breath for how you feel or what you like. Your reference to an 8 year old knowing the ins and outs of shipping costs are laughable, almost as much as your initial complaints. What kind of coward defames a company that is trying to help folks get their hands on these things for cheap? And if you get a $4.95 product for $4.95 shipped, my question stands - what is your complaint. You must stay busy complaining about companies who don't push you to the top of their free product for $4.95 shipping list. From your own testimony it sounds like you get scammed a lot - probably over pay for your phone bill, bought a few time shares, and are heavily into MLM?

      Ps. I might not know a lot, but I know bs when I step in it, and for your post I'm glad I was heading out fishing.

      By the way, the BBB cannot get your charges reversed, as they have NO power over Credit Card companies. As a matter of fact to remain independent, they can't even make contact with CC's unless it is for their own charge. It's a privacy thing.

      So if we are focused on getting facts straight, start with your own story, because no one is buying it. Now take a deep breath, stop crying, and respond to the Nigerian Prince who needs your credit card number so he can transfer your $147 Million windfall.

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